• Legacy challenges in The Sims 4 offer unique and creative ways to reignite passion and storytelling in the game.
  • From alphabetical lineage to Greek gods, players can explore various themed challenges for a fresh gameplay experience.
  • These challenges, inspired by popular culture and creativity, add depth and excitement to gameplay for new and old Simmers alike.

The Sims 4, a beloved life simulation game, has been enjoyed across generations. Although the game allows endless opportunities for creative storytelling, playing the game for an extended period can begin to feel stale. The best way to bring excitement (and chaos) to the game is to attempt a legacy challenge.


27 Challenges To Make Playing The Sims 4 More Interesting

If you’re looking for a way to make The Sims 4 more entertaining and difficult, try these awesome challenges.

In these challenges, players embark on multi-generational journeys that showcase their creativity and perseverance. Each generation comes with a specific set of rules and regulations about aspects of their Sims’ lives, including their traits, careers, and appearances. Whether it is a race to have as many children as possible or to completely embody a Sim’s favorite color, these legacy challenges will re-ignite players’ passion for storytelling back to the game.

Updated March 30, 2024, by Jenna Amore: Despite years of new DLC content and endless storyline opportunities available for The Sims 4, some players are still finding themselves uninspired. Legacy challenges, which date back to the first Sims games, canspark creativity for new and old Simmers and bring excitement back to the game. These challenges dictate thematic storylines and opportunities in hopes of inspiring generations of unique Sims and showcasing the game’s vast abilities.

Legacy challenges have gained popularity among Simmers thanks to content creators on social media. After watching more popular players complete legacy challenges, some Sims fans have been inspired to complete legacy challenges or even create their own. With this update, fans of The Sims 4 can explore even more of the most highly rated legacy challenges that have been written by creators in the community.

18 Alphabet Legacy Challenge

Crafting A Legacy, One Letter At A Time

A geneology tree from The Sims 4 as it relates to the Alphabet Legacy Challenge

As indicated by the title, the rule of this challenge is simply to name Sims in alphabetical order. For example, the founder of the challenge is named Alina, and she has four children: Brielle, Chris, Daniel, and Elizabeth. To keep the lineage alive, players must choose an heir from their current generation and continue the alphabet legacy.

Many players have attempted and completed this challenge without knowing it, which is the main reason it is ranked so low. The rules are too simple and explain nothing about each Sim’s personal goals.

17 Career Legacy Challenge

Generational Mastery In Every Sims Occupation

sims 4 baking skill Get To Work

Similar to the ever-famous Rags-to-Riches challenge, this challenge has players attempt to cycle through careers that The Sims 4 currently has to offer. As stated in its lengthy rule book, players must roll a die or use a random number generator to determine several aspects of a Sim’s life.

This challenge, however, eliminates an integral part of what a legacy challenge represents. Completing this challenge requires a Sim to prioritize their career over their family. Without a good relationship with their children, where is the motive to continue a legacy?

16 The Odd Money Legacy Challenge

Unconventional Wealth: 15 Paths To Prosperity

A Sim is dirty and sad because they have no money or job at the start of the Odd Money Legacy Challenge for The Sims 4

  • Up to 15 generations of Sims
  • Embraces unconventional ways Sims can make money
  • Rules written by egg_babe

In an era of unlimited money cheats and immediate career mastery, Sims are getting spoiled. Players who find themselves bored of gameplay and challenges that focus on a Sim’s professional life should consider ditching traditional jobs and try the Odd Money Legacy Challenge.

Each generation starts with little to no money and must embrace odd ways of earning a living, such as only earning royalties from videos or breeding frogs. A random number generator or a die will decide other aspects of each Sim’s life, including the number of children they’ll have and who will be an heir.

15 The 100 Baby Challenge

Baby Fever Takes On A Whole New Meaning

A Sim is pregnant in front of three bassinets for the 100 Baby Challenge, one of the most popular legacy challenges in The Sims franchise.

  • Have 100 babies in the shortest amount of time
  • Difficult to care for babies, tedious gameplay
  • Rules for the Sims 4 Version written by SnarkySims

Even players who live under a rock know this famous challenge, originally created for The Sims 2 by Amiisay. It’s such a popular challenge that some, like Nick Canon, are trying it in real life. The goal is to have 100 children, each with a different Sim. Once the matriarch passes away, the youngest female must continue the legacy.


17 Tips For The 100 Baby Challenge In The Sims 4

The 100 baby challenge in The Sims 4 can be difficult, here are some tips to make it easier.

The Sims 4 community has completed and documented their progress with this difficult challenge, but it is undoubtedly the most tedious to complete. Children are just numbers in this challenge, and they are moved out and forgotten almost immediately after they become young adults. Who wants 100 babies anyway?

14 Greek God/Goddess Legacy Challenge

Channeling A Sim’s Inner God/Goddess

A Sim is dressed as a Greek goddess for a legacy challenge

  • Play through 10 generations of Greek gods and goddesses
  • Dependent on custom content for full immersion
  • Rules written by CheetahAlyssa

Players who wish to return to their Percy Jackson phase may enjoy the Greek God/Goddess Legacy Challenge, which transforms Sims into powerful Greek deities for ten generations. The rules dictate what traits, aspirations, and careers each of the god and goddess Sims may have. Additionally, they are given various small goals related to aspects such as mastering skills, specifics on family size and dynamics, and the kinds of relationships each Sim may have.

Because The Sims 4 isn’t likely to release Greek mythology content, a substantial amount of custom content is encouraged for Greek-inspired architecture and clothing. Downloading custom content is not required to complete the challenge; however, it would appear to be any old legacy challenge without it.

13 Zodiac Legacy Challenge

Stories Written In The Stars

sims 4 zodiac legacy challenge

The Zodiac Legacy Challenge takes astrology admirers and Sims fans through 12 generations of Sims based on the 12 different zodiacs. From the fiery passion of Aries to the intuitive depths of Pisces, players craft Sims based on the stereotypes associated with each sign, weaving their traits, aspirations, and life paths accordingly.

This challenge offers a unique blend of creativity, astrology, and storytelling, allowing players to explore the diverse personalities and characteristics of the zodiac in a virtual setting. While not as widely recognized as some other legacy challenges, the Zodiac Legacy Challenge earns its place mid-way among the best due to its innovative concept, potential for rich narratives, and the opportunity for players to delve into the complexities of astrological archetypes within the Sims universe.

12 Garden Legacy Challenge

Cultivating Lives, Petals, And Paths

A Sim tends to her garden in the Garden Legacy Challenge

This challenge puts a green thumb spin on the classic legacy challenge format, giving players a chance to further develop their gardening skills. From the ambitious vegetarian who loves roses to the hot-headed hydrangea enthusiast, players must follow rules such as which skills and careers to complete, who to marry, and how many children to have.


13 Essential Sims 4 Mods For Telling In-Game Stories

Many Sims fans love the story-telling aspect of the games, and there are several mods that help players enhance their stories.

Although the abundance of rules and restrictions on each generation are specific, they help give players a better idea of the Sim they are supposed to shape. Plus, it would not be a challenge if it weren’t challenging. Still, the Garden Legacy Challenge comes off as a knock-off Not So Berry Challenge.

11 TV Shows Legacy Challenge

Rewriting TV History In The Sims 4

Sims Sitcom Recreations - Friends Monica Apartment

  • Up to 10 generations of Sims
  • Recreate iconic television characters or new ones that might belong in that world
  • Rules written by simbee-archive

Ever wanted to jump into the shoes of beloved television characters? Simmers can do so with the TV Shows Legacy Challenge or craft their own personas within the realms of iconic TV shows. Navigate through the enigmatic mysteries of Riverdale, the chaotic camaraderie of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., or the heart-wrenching drama of Grey’s Anatomy. Compared to reality TV challenges, which are competitive-based, each generation of this challenge presents a unique blend of challenge and creativity.

By intertwining the storylines of iconic TV shows and the creator’s added objectives, players are offered a uniquely captivating and diverse experience across ten generations. This challenge not only celebrates the rich narratives and characters of television but also encourages creativity and storytelling prowess, making it a favorite among players who seek both nostalgia and innovation in their gameplay.

10 Pokemon Legacy Challenge

Evolving One’s Legacy: Gotta Capture ‘Em All

Pokemon Go Pikachu and Eevee

  • Up to 18 generations of Sims
  • Create Sims and follow storylines tailored to the 18 Pokemon types
  • Rules written by smurfingg

The Pokemon Type Legacy Challenge offers an enthralling fusion of two beloved worlds: Pokemon and The Sims. Spanning an impressive 18 generations, this challenge invites players to create Sims based on iconic Pokemon types like electric, poison, and psychic. Each generation presents unique storytelling opportunities, with players crafting Sims’ aspirations, traits, careers, and even colors to align with their chosen type.

With meticulously curated storylines and objectives, the challenge integrates the whimsical charm of Pokemon lore into The Sims 4 gameplay. This challenge not only provides endless entertainment but also fosters a vibrant community of players eager to embark on a legendary adventure. Players with packs like Cats & Dogs and My First Pet Stuff can even create Pokemon as pets.

9 The Disney Princess Legacy Challenge

A Tale As Old As Time

Snow White, Anna, Elsa, and Jasmine represents some generations for the Disney Princess Legacy Challenge

Once upon a time, in the magical world of The Sims 4, there was a challenge that took players on a journey filled with love and adventure. It was called the Disney Princess Legacy Challenge. For up to 14 generations, players must create and embody one of the beautiful, strong-willed Disney princesses.

This challenge allows gamers to retell the classic stories of Snow White or newer princesses from Frozen and Moana. This challenge is perfect for fans of Disney and The Sims 4, especially those looking to add some magic to their gameplay and enjoy a happily-ever-after ending.

8 Sour Legacy Challenge

Echoes Of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U” Legacy

The thumbnail for the Sour Legacy Challenge, which is Olivia Rodrigo themed

  • Up to 10 generations of Sims
  • Meaningful backstories blending Rodrigo fans and the Sims world
  • Rules written by Dizzywhims

This legacy challenge pays tribute to the Olivia Rodrigo album, Sour. It all begins with a high school dropout with dreams about becoming a pop star. The next 10 generations, each one based on a different song from the album, face the consequences of fame and neglect. Compared to the lesser legacy challenges, the backstories of each generation’s struggles and personalities are meaningful. As one could imagine, this challenge and its creator quickly grew to fame on Tumblr.

Many creators in the community were motivated to create their renditions of this challenge, including the Harry’s House Legacy Challenge (by simlidge) and the Crybaby Whims Challenge (by draeyad).

7 Stardew Valley Legacy Challenge

Legacy In The Valley: Embodying Beloved Stardew Characters

Bachelors from Stardew Valley made into The Sims 4 characters

  • Up to 12 generations of Sims
  • Combines the best aspects of two cozy simulation games
  • Rules written by Chellplays

A crossover between these two beloved games is simply a dream come true. In each generation, players create one of the 12 marriage candidates in Stardew Valley and mirror their lives in The Sims 4. The creator lays the groundwork for how to best convert the characters by assigning traits, aspirations, careers, and pets.

Even players unfamiliar with the Stardew Valley characters can enjoy this challenge thanks to the creator’s blurbs about each character’s backstory and lifestyle. For those who aren’t as Create-A-Sim savvy, there are thousands of character creations that can be downloaded from the gallery.

6 Taylor Swift Legacy Challenge

Shades Of Swift: Writing One’s Own Love Stories

Mirror real life faces, like Taylor Swift's, in The Sims 4 to break same-face syndrome habits

  • Up to 14 generations of Sims
  • Sims and their storylines are mirrored by Taylor Swift songs, albums, and eras
  • Rules written by gillysims

The Taylor Swift Legacy Challenge offers Sims 4 players a unique and immersive experience where they embark on a multi-generational journey inspired by the iconic songs, albums, and eras of Taylor Swift’s illustrious career. Players can indulge themselves in the rich narratives and themes of Swift’s music, creating Sims that embody the essence of her songs and stories.

From the enchanting romance of “Love Story” to the bittersweet nostalgia of “All Too Well” and the whimsical escapism of “Cardigan,” each generation presents new challenges and opportunities for players to weave their own tales of love, loss, and triumph. This challenge stands out for its innovative integration of music-inspired narratives, offering players a captivating and deeply personal journey through the melodies of one of pop culture’s most beloved icons.

5 Nightmare Legacy Challenge

Racing Against Time Through Generational Trials

A female Sim is shocked at the thought of completing the Nightmare Legacy Challenge

Inspired by a Lilsimsie LP, this fast-paced and chaotic challenge is all about timing. To complete the challenge, players must achieve two aspirations, reach level 10 in their career, max out three skills, and have at least one child for 10 generations.


The Sims 4: How To Complete The Not So Berry Challenge

The “Not So Berry Challenge” is one of many fun challenges players may try in the Sims 4. Here’s how to complete it.

On the surface, this challenge is just like every other player has seen thus far. The kicker is that the lifespan must be set to “short” in settings. The number of days players have to meet their goals is very limited. Famous YouTube simmers such EnglishSimmer and Vixella have caused this challenge to take flight once again over the past few years.

4 Sims In Bloom Legacy Challenge

Blossoming Through The Generations

Two Sims kiss in an ornate garden in Sims 4

There are plenty of legacy challenges with themes based on flowers, but the In Bloom challenge is one that stands out among the Sims community online. Starting with the daisy generation and making their way through lavender, cherry blossom, and even death flower, players must create unique Sims based on the personality assigned by the challenge’s creator. Sims can be personalized by catering their appearance, fashion sense, and home decor to match their designated flower.

To make the challenge more difficult, each generation must begin in a small house or apartment with 0-1000 Simoleons. Along with tending to their gardens, there are plenty of interesting goals for the heirs to achieve, including the completion of collections, caring for pets, and mastering hobby skills.

3 The Barbie Legacy Challenge

Dreams In Plastic: Fashioning Feminist Legacies


After the release of the Barbie movie, the Barbie Legacy Challenge quickly gained traction in the Sims community. Popular content creators on YouTube have been rapidly creating content to meet Barbie fans’ demands.

Players are treated to 14 Barbie-themed generations, including Sea Pearl Barbie, Pet Vet Barbie, and Barbie For President. Gamers can embrace girl power and carry forward Barbie’s legacy with the Barbie Legacy Challenge, which promotes uplifting feminist messages and breaks away from the domestic female trope.

2 Not So Berry Challenge

Painting With (Not So) Berry Hues

10 generations of female Sims for the Not So Berry Challenge

Next to the 100 Baby challenge, the Not So Berry challenge is one of the most well-known to the community of Sims 4 players. Much like the previously mentioned Garden Legacy challenge, each Sim must represent bright colors such as mint, yellow, and peach. Players are encouraged to theme each Sim’s clothing style, hair color, and house with the color.

What makes this challenge so appealing is the perfect balance of both structure and flexibility. The stories describing each Sim are engaging, which contributes to its recognition as one of the best legacy challenges.

1 Decades Challenge

Time Capsule Legacies: Bridging Generations Across The Decades

A couple from the Sims 4 stands in front of their house for the Decades Challenge

Hands down, the best challenge in The Sims 4 is the Decades challenge. Spanning from the 1890s to the 2010s, players must complete 13 generations with a historical spin on rules and regulations. For example, indoor plumbing is not allowed until the 1900s, and female Sims cannot participate in careers until the Women’s Rights movement in the 1920s.

Because of the complexity of the rules, this challenge isn’t as prominent as the 100 Baby challenge or the Not So Berry challenge. While popularity is an important factor to consider when ranking the best legacy challenges, it is not the sole consideration. This challenge is designed to test a combination of players’ skills, including Create-A-Sim, building, and storytelling abilities, rather than focusing on a specific color or song.

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