• Mass Effect: Andromeda has a different tone, storyline, and characters compared to the main trilogy, so players need to adjust their expectations.
  • Players should only complete the relevant side quests in the game, as some are more essential than others and completing all would take over 100 hours.
  • Regularly checking in with squadmates and reading Ryder’s email for interesting commentary, new quests, and important information is a must. Also, players should make sure to craft gear and learn how to prime and detonate combos.

Despite a frustrating launch and expectations not being met, Mass Effect: Andromeda is a fun game with great combat. It’s been hinted in N7 Day trailers for the next Mass Effect game that the events of Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature or at least be referenced in the upcoming sequel, so players may want to go back and refresh their memory regarding the events of Mass Effect: Andromeda, or play it for the first time to catch up on all current Mass Effect lore.

Mass Effect: Andromeda centers on a new protagonist, Ryder, who is young and inexperienced. They’re a departure from the confident Shepard, and their story is a very different one as a result. Nonetheless, seeing Ryder grow into their role as a leader and Pathfinder in a new galaxy is a journey in itself, and not one that necessarily has to match the stakes of the Trilogy that came before it. For those willing to give the game a chance, knowing a few tips and tricks can help make the story and gameplay more enjoyable.


How Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Companions Could Still Factor into Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s characters may be a galaxy away, but they could still make return appearances during Mass Effect 4’s story.

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Story

Adjusting Expectations

Even though Mass Effect: Andromeda is a Mass Effect game, it stands apart from the series’ main trilogy by having a very different tone, storyline, and characters. Rather than going in expecting a story with the same level of stakes as the Reaper conflict in the Mass Effect Trilogy with a protagonist as experienced as Shepard, players need to adjust their expectations when starting Mass Effect: Andromeda. Ryder is inexperienced, more naive, and less sure-footed than Shepard, and the story is more about discovery and adventure with a lighter tone than the fate of the galaxy. Even with the darker storylines of the Benefactor, Jien Garson, and the Kett, the overall picture is a much lighter offering than anything Shepard deals with in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Only Complete the Relevant Side Quests

There are a lot of side quests in Mass Effect: Andromeda; some more relevant than others. Instead of completing every single side quest, many recommend only completing the essentials. If a side quest feels like it’s dragging and going nowhere, it’s probably not worth completing, particularly if it’s a fetch quest. Side quests that are worth completing include unlocking all of SAM’s memories, investigating Jien Garson’s death, and getting planets to 100%. Even cutting out small side quests results in a long game, but playing Mass Effect: Andromeda as a completionist would take over 100 hours.

Check-In With Squadmates

The crew of the Tempest are a chatty bunch, and often have something to say in-between missions. Players should talk to all crew and companions both on the Tempest and at the various hubs, as they have interesting commentary about the last mission, each other, or could bring up new quests and information relevant to themselves. Another thing to regularly check is Ryder’s email, which presents a wealth of information and possibly missable quests if they aren’t caught in time.

Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda

Crafting Ryder’s Equipment

Like Dragon Age: Inquisition, it’s possible to craft far more powerful gear and equipment in Mass Effect: Andromeda than the loot found while exploring. Players should save loot so that it can be disassembled into components, which can then be crafted into powerful ranged and melee weapons, and armor.

Priming and Detonating Combos

The combat system of Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of the best that BioWare has developed thanks to its flexibility and versatility combined with a range of combinations. Ryder and their squadmates can prime and detonate combo explosions, of which there are four types:

Because of the combat system, Ryder can prime and detonate combos on their own without squadmates, but squadmate input is invaluable for certain builds. As a bonus, certain weapons can prime or detonate combos, and so players aren’t limited purely to tech powers or biotic abilities.

mass effect andromeda poster

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda stands as the fourth entry in the franchise and is the first title to exist after the conclusion of the Commander Shepard trilogy. In this Bioware title, players choose from six different character classes and explore the large Andromeda Galaxy.

Mass Effect

March 1, 2017

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