• A Destiny 2 player creates an armor set inspired by Incineroar, a powerful Gen 7 Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. character.
  • Reddit user BaxxBreaker showcases their accurate Incineroar-themed outfit in Destiny 2, complete with a red and black color scheme.
  • This Titan Guardian’s armor set includes Synthoceps, Crawling Chaos Greaves, and Lion’s Might gear with customized colors and ornaments.

A Destiny 2 player has created an armor set dedicated to the Dark and Fire-type Pokemon Incineroar. Destiny 2 is full of different armor sets that provide status boosts and set bonuses when equipped with similar gear, but this armor was put together to resemble Incineroar.

Incineroar is the final evolution of Litten which is the Fire starter of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Since its impressive showing in Gen 7, Incineroar is also a powerful Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character. Players can unlock the Pokemon in this game by completing versus matches, clearing Classic Mode as Samus or characters in her unlock tree, or by Incineroar joining their party in World of Light. One Destiny 2 player wanted to introduce Incineroar to a new audience by wearing matching gear that resembles the Gen 7 Pokemon.


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Reddit user BaxxBreaker recently shared four images highlighting their Destiny 2 outfit inspired by Pokemon‘s Incineroar. The first image shows just how accurately the Destiny 2 armor set reflects Incineroar, with its red and black color scheme and boots that have two claws at the end of each. While it lacks the horizontal black stripes on its arms and legs, the limbs still maintain the color scheme, and the protruding lines on the chest are very accurate to the source. The helmet notably encapsulates the Pokemon with cat-like eyes and ears, and sides that jut out similar to Incineroar’s tufts of fur.

What Pieces of Destiny 2 Gear Went Into This Design?

  • Synthoceps Gauntlets
  • Crawling Chaos Greaves
  • Lion’s Might Helmet
  • Lion’s Might Mark Ornament
  • Pfhorian Plate

This Guardian is a Destiny 2 Titan that wears gear specific to the class. This version of the Crawling Chaos Greaves, Synthoceps, and Ornaments is exclusive to the Titan. The Augmented Auspice has been applied to the Synthoceps, the Pfhorian Plate Ornament and Lion’s Might Ornament have been applied to Legendary armor, and their colors have been customized. The appearance menu shows that the helmet and chest have Coronal Bloom, the Gauntlets and Greaves have Carminica, and the Lion’s Might Mark has Full-Throated Roar. The lion motif highlights an uncanny resemblance to Incineroar when the color scheme is adjusted. Beyond this, the player has also applied the Omolon Shell design to their Ghost with a Vermillion Shader that resembles a Poke Ball.

Though some players have unlocked the Lion’s Might set in the Guardian Games event, others can purchase it with Bright Dust during Destiny 2‘s Season of the Wish. With this season coming to a close soon, gamers have a limited time to purchase these items. As Bungie continues to update the game, future armor may improve this Incineroar-themed set.

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August 28, 2017

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