At The Verge, we work hard to bring you the most recent news and expert hands-on reviews. But another way, and sometimes the best way, to judge smart home technology is to learn about it from those who have used the tech on a day-to-day basis in real-life situations.

In these articles, we’ve concentrated on how our own experiences, and the experiences of others, have affected how we regard smart home tech. We’ve got personal accounts by one reporter who decided to put together a brand-new smart home and another whose brother moved into a home haunted by the ghosts of someone else’s smart tech. Several of our staffers wax enthusiastically about their favorite devices and automations. A writer describes how smart tech makes his home more accessible. Our smart home reviewer tells how she uses technology to keep her varied pets (and she has a lot of them) happy and healthy. We talk to people who use smart devices to help them care for their parents — and more.

We’ve got a lot of interesting experiences — and information — to offer you. We hope it’s helpful, and if you can add your own personal anecdotes and advice to share in the comments, please do!


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