Game developer Jason Thor Hall, better known by the moniker Pirate Software, has set a new Twitch Hype Train world record, with his channel reaching level 106 on April 1st. Once the Hype Train was initiated, it took Hall roughly three hours to beat his previous level 55 world record from December, with viewers contributing 54,380 gifted subs (alongside regular subscriptions) and 8,225,386 Bits — likely earning Hall a healthy six-figure sum in the process.

Hype Trains, a feature that Twitched launched in 2020, are a limited-time event triggered when a channel receives an uptick in Bits or subscriptions, pushing past a streamer-designated threshold. While we won’t know the official figure paid by Hall’s community, it’s sure to be significant: in the US, gifted subs range between $4.99 – $24.99, and 100 Bits can be purchased for $1.40.

The new record set by Hall comes just days after Twitch introduced new Hype Train rewards that could be obtained by reaching level 100, making him the first streamer to unlock the KappaInifinite emote. According to Hall, the KappaInifinite emote is rolling out gradually to Hype Train participants because the event “hit the website so hard they had to rate-limit the delivery.”


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