Exploring the map in Palworld is a ton of fun, as the Palpagos Islands that the game takes place in are pretty large, and there are a whole host of different biomes teaming with Pals of all different shapes, sizes, and elements. Not only that, but when exploring you’ll also stumble across Lifmunk Effigies used to raise your Capture Level, Chests containing all sorts of goodies, Eggs that can be taken home and hatched into new Pals later, and even Poacher Camps. This is likely why the game is constantly breaking new records, or at least a big contributor to it.


Palworld: Best Dual-Type Pals, Ranked

Pal trainers looking for powerful dual-type Pals to add to their party in Palworld should try and get their hands on the following strong dual-types.

Now by design, the way you’re meant to travel across the Palpagos Islands is by using your own limbs (AKA climbing), an invention like a Grappling Gun, or a mount that either runs or flies (sometimes both). However, players have already found all sorts of other ways to get around quickly in Palworld, with one specific method making traversal (especially in the early game) much easier.

The Grappling Gun Momentum Trick

Your Best Tool For Getting From Point A To Point B

We’ll be going over a few tricks in this guide, but the primary one everyone should know about is the trick involving a Glider and a Grappling Gun. Anyone who has used the Grappling Gun in an online setting (whether public or private server) knows that this item needs some work. The animation of being pulled to where the Grappling Gun makes contact is janky, and that’s putting things nicely. However, once you get used to it, the Grappling Gun can be pretty helpful in getting up tall mountains or across wide ravines.

All that said, the best way to use the Grappling Gun by far is with a Glider and by exploiting the momentum you gain when reeling the Grappling Gun in to keep that momentum while Gliding. To do this, follow these steps:




First, craft the highest-tier Grappling Gun & Glider you have access to.


Then, go to an area with a bit of terrain that’s a bit taller than what you’re currently standing on or that has a roof above you the Grappling Gun will reach.


Look in the direction you want to go with that bit of taller terrain in front of you.


Grapple onto the Terrain at the most ‘diagonal’ angle possible from you.


While being pulled to the point of contact, cancel the Grappling Gun (the input is Ctrl by default on PC) and immediately open the Glider (Spacebar by default on PC).


Try and direct your character away from the wall/tall terrain at that moment you open the Glider so that you don’t bonk into the terrain and lose all momentum.


If done correctly, you should shoot past the tall terrain at a much higher momentum than would normally be possible.


If using this to glide across a great distance high up in the air, make sure to open and close the Glider as often as possible, as this will conserve Stamina.


Also, save at least a pip of Stamina so that you can close the Glider and re-open it just before hitting the ground to neutralize all risk of taking fall damage.

This ‘speedrun tech’ can be a bit tricky to get working consistently, given how awkward it is to set up. But, once you get used to using it, you can cross huge portions of the map in just a couple of uses of said trick, and then rely on your ground or flying mount to get to the next setup spot for this momentum trick.

It’s worth noting that this trick will be easier to use if you have at the very least the Mega Grappling Gun, you’ll go further if you have a higher-tier Glider, and if you’ve put some Stat Points into Stamina you’ll be able to glide for longer as well. Lastly, if you happen to have caught any of the Pals that can be substituted for your Glider when their Pal Gear is built (with Galeclaw being the best option), absolutely bring your best one with you when utilizing this trick.

Other Useful Traversal Tricks

Glider Pals, Pals With Odd Gravity, Exploting Multiple Stamina Bars, & More

Palworld - All Three Other Traversal Methods

Of course, this isn’t the only easy way for players to get around in Palworld. This game, while beloved by basically everyone who plays it, does have a lot of ways its systems can be exploited such as intentionally glitching through walls, using bugs to farm XP, and of course, making traversal faster.

Namely, this includes using Pals that replace your Glider (Galeclaw, Celaray, Hangyu, and more), using Mossanda’s or Mossanda Lux’s odd lack of mass to essentially float around, and using a Land mounts Stamina Bar plus your own to cross oceans easily. To go a bit more into each method:



Glider Pals

If you keep Pals that replace your Glider in your party with you, they can make Gliding a much more viable way to get around, sometimes even faster than a flying Mount. However, each Glider Pal specializes in something slightly different with Celaray being better for moving vertically than the base Glider, Galeclaw being great for horizontal movement overall, Killamari giving a bit of a vertical boost, and Hangyu basically moving you more vertically than horizontally while you glide. Combine these Glider Pals with the flying mounts (AKA flying up with the mount then jumping off to use the Glider Pal) and getting from place to place is at least twice as fast.

Mossanda’s Lack of Gravity

For some reason, in the current version of Palworld (v0.1.3.0 at the time of writing this), both Mossanda and Mossanda Lux are Pals that might as well be full of Helium. Despite nothing in their Paldeck entry mentioning them being full of air, both of these creatures can absolutely get knocked into the stratosphere while you’re fighting them. And, once you have one of your own and have built their Grenade Launcher, you’ll be able to ride on their back and utilize this low gravity for yourself. It’s not great for vertical movement per se but it does make running around and jumping across large gaps a lot more fun while exploring.

Land Mount Stamina Bars

Unlike the other traversal tricks, this next one is much more about getting across large bodies of water than it is about traveling the land. There are a lot of interesting areas in Palworld that require a bit of a swim to reach, namely the 3 Pal Sanctuaries. And, if players want to reach the, it’s highly incentivized to use a flying mount. But, if you want to check out these areas without a flying mount handy (or before you’re able to craft a flying mount’s saddle) you can simply use any land mount to easily cross the ocean. To do so, simply hop into the ocean and call out your land mount then swim while riding it until its Stamina is empty. Keep riding it even after this point, but it will start quickly losing health. After it gets to about 20 percent life left, you’ll want to hop off and recall it. At this point, the Sanctuary should close. Keep swimming towards the rock outcroppings surrounding the Sanctuary and routinely attempt to throw your Land Mount’s Pal Sphere at these outcroppings to summon it. Once it’s summoned, if you haven’t already reached the knee-high water on the edges of the Sanctuary, simply use your Land Mount (and maybe even sacrifice it) to get that last little bit of distance covered.

And that’s about all of the main ways you can get around quicker in Palworld, not including small tricks like using Pals with body slam attacks to jump off of them mid-air and then glide or using a Pal like Verdash to run faster. Utilizing any of these tricks (the Grappling Gun one especially) you should have Palworld’s map explored in at least half the time it would’ve taken you originally.


January 19, 2024

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