• V Rising, the vampire survival game, will be coming to the PlayStation 5 in 2024, giving it the opportunity to win over a new audience.
  • The PC version of V Rising will finally receive official controller support, a long-requested feature by players.
  • The game’s full release, planned for the second quarter of 2024, will not mark the end of V Rising’s development, as there will be more updates and new content for fans.

The vampire survival game V Rising is coming soon to the PlayStation 5. It has also been confirmed that a long requested feature will finally make its way to the original PC version.

V Rising, made by Swedish developer Stunlock Studios, quickly became a hit after it was launched as an early access PC title in May 2022. The Unity-based RPG and castle builder put a unique spin on the open-world survival experience by having players take on the role of magic-wielding vampires, a distinction that helped V Rising set itself apart from other similar games. As of January 2023, V Rising has sold an estimated three million copies, and now the game has the opportunity to win over a completely new audience.


V Rising: Every Weapon, Ranked

Although players will have a variety of preferences regarding the weaponry they use, some styles have risen to the top and others are being abandoned.

A gameplay trailer shown at 2024’s first PlayStation State of Play revealed that a PS5 port of V Rising is set to be released in 2024. This launch will mark the console debut of V Rising, which is considered to be one of the best vampire games of all time. PC players received some good news, too, as it was revealed that V Rising will finally receive official controller support.

When Is V Rising Coming to PS5?

The V Rising Twitter account confirmed that the Windows version of the game will get the sought after feature. Despite being out for nearly two years, V Rising still has no official support for controllers on PC. Players, however, have reported that the game can still be enjoyed with a few caveats on handheld systems like Valve’s popular Steam Deck or the much more powerful Asus ROG Ally.

Stunlock Studios previously mentioned that it wanted V Rising‘s next major update to be the game’s full release. This 1.0 build, which is planned to be released in the second quarter of 2024, will not mark the end of V Rising‘s development, Stunlock Studios assured fans. The company released V Rising‘s first major update, Secrets of Gloomrot, last May, adding a lot of new content like an Ancestral Forge workstation that allowed players to craft legendary vampire weapons in V Rising.

Vampire Lair in V Rising

Aside from revealing the PS5 port of V Rising, Sony’s most recent State of Play showed off a number of interesting projects, such as the new virtual reality game set in the post-apocalyptic world of Metro. State of Play 2024 also dropped a second trailer for Death Stranding 2: On the Beach that revealed a lot of details regarding the upcoming title being worked on by renowned Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima.

V Rising

V Rising

In Stunlock Studios’ V Rising, players take on the role of a vampire rising from his slumber. Survival is key as players explore V Rising’s open world where they can discover villages, craft items, combat fantastical creatures and bandits, and find other secrets to aid them on their journey.

May 17, 2022

Stunlock Studios

Stunlock Studios

T For Teen due to Blood, Violence


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