Verizon is doubling down on efforts to sell you streaming services. Starting May 30th, the company will offer a discounted $10 / subscription to YouTube Premium through its myPlan perks.

YouTube Premium typically costs $13.99, letting you watch videos on the platform ad-free, download content, and access YouTube Music Premium. You can get the perk if you have one of Verizon’s myPlan subscriptions, which lets subscribers tack on services like Disney Plus and Apple One.

In addition to YouTube Premium, Verizon is adding Peacock to its digital content hub on June 5th. Verizon Plus Play lets you sign up and manage subscriptions to Netflix, Max, Paramount Plus, AMC Plus, and more from one place. Like most other services available on Plus Play, Peacock will cost $5.99 per month for Premium or $11.99 for Premium Plus. Both of these plans will get a $2 price hike in July.

Verizon also announced a new Unlimited Phone Upgrade option that will let Unlimited Ultimate customers get the “best” trade-in deals regardless of the condition of their phone. An Unlimited Ultimate plan costs from $100 per month for one line with no discounts to $55 per line each month if you have four lines and an auto-pay discount.

The carrier is pushing toward its goal of becoming a streaming middleman, a setup that allows the company to get a cut of all the subscriptions it sells. So far, Verizon already offers an exclusive bundle with Netflix and Max, along with a $25.99 per month deal with Netflix Premium and Starz. Other bundles are popping up elsewhere, too, including one with Disney Plus, Hulu, and Max, as well as a Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV Plus bundle offered through Comcast.


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