In Warframe, Archon Shards are special endgame items that enhance the exosuits abilities. Archon Shards were first introduced to the game as part of the Veilbreaker update. When slotted into the Warframes, these shards provide various buffs, including increased damage, greater health, and faster movement.

Archon Shards add a strategic dimension to the game, offering players the opportunity to tailor their Warframes for specific encounters. There are three standard variants of Archon Shards in the game, acquired by completing weekly challenges. Unlike the standard shards, however, Violet Archon Shards in Warframe are acquired by fusing two standard Archon Shards. The following guide aims to help players understand the process involved in acquiring these special shards and share details on their effectiveness.


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How To Get Archon Shards In Warframe

Chararcter proceeding to collect the Amber Archon Shards in Warframe

Since Violet Archon Shards are obtained by fusing two standard Archon Shards, players must first learn how to acquire the standard Archon Shards in Warframe.

These shards can be earned after completing the Veilbreaker quest, which is available towards the endgame. The completion of the Veilbreaker quest opens a few avenues for players to earn standard Archon Shards.

There are three standard Archon Shards in Warframe: Crimson, Azure, and Amber. Additionally, players can sometimes also score a Tauforged Archon Shard, which is a stronger variant of the standard Archon Shard.

There are three sources of scoring these powerful items:

  • Weekly Purchase From Chipper: Chipper becomes available after players complete Kahl’s missions. Each week, players can visit Chipper and purchase one Archon Shard for 90 Stock. The shard cycles each week, and players do not have a choice of purchasing a specific variant of Archon Shard.
  • Weekly Archon Hunt: Players can earn Archon Shards by completing weekly Archon Hunts, which are special late-game missions that are guaranteed to reward an Archon Shard. Weekly Archon Hunts also have a chance of dropping Tauforged Shards.
  • Netracell Missions: Finally, after completing the Whispers of the Walls quest, players can pursue five random Netracell missions, each with the possibility of rewarding Archon Shards or Tauforged Archon Shards upon completion. There’s also a small possibility that players may not receive any Archon or Tauforged shards from completing Netracell missions.

How To Get Violet Archon Shards In Warframe

Showcasing fusion of Archon Shards to produce Violet Archon Shard in Warframe

Unlike standard Archon Shards, Violet Archon Shards are produced by combining Crimson and Azure Archon Shards. However, the ability to fuse/combine Archon Shards isn’t readily available, and players must complete a few steps first, including purchasing an upgrade segment blueprint for the Helminth.

  • First, players must ensure that they complete the Veilbreaker quest and that their character is a Rank 2 – Researcher.
  • Next, travel to Sanctum Anatomica on Deimos.
  • Once players reach Sanctum Anatomica, they must fast travel to Bird 3.
  • Interact with Bird 3 and browse through its offerings, looking specifically for the Helminth Coalescent Segment blueprint. The blueprint costs 30,000 Standing.

Now, players can return to the foundry to craft the Coalescent Segment upgrade by collecting the necessary resources and, once crafted, proceed to install it into the Helminth.

With the Coalescent Segment installed, players should notice a new option in the Hemlinth menu called Coalescent Fusion. Selecting the menu brings up a fusion UI where players can combine two standard Archon Shards to produce a new Archon Shard.

In the case of the Violet Archon Shard, players should fuse the Crimson and Azure Archon Shards. To produce an even more powerful variant, players can fuse a Crimson and Azure Tauforged Archon Shards to produce a Tauforged Violet Archon Shard. Similarly, players can fuse Amber and Azure Archon Shards to produce Emerald Archon Shard, and Crimson and Amber Archon Shards to produce Topaz Archon Shard.


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Violet Archon Shard Statistics In Warframe

Violet Archon Shards Stats showcased for Warframe

Like every other Archon Shard available in the game, the Violet Archon Shard also offers four buffs to enhance the Warframes capabilities:

  • Deal +10% (+15%) ability damage to enemies affected by electricity status.
  • Deal +30% (+45%) primary electricity damage and an additional +10% damage per crimson, azure, and violet shards equipped.
  • Deal +25% (+37.5%) melee critical damage. The damage output doubles (+50%) when the max energy is over 500.
  • Gain +20% (+30%) energy when picking up health and +20% health when picking up energy.

Values listed within the parenthesis refer to Tauforged Violet Archon Shard.



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