In the heat of battle of any battle royale, many bad things can happen to players, but the death of allies is probably the worst outcome. Being left alone against a crowd of enemies is by no means what you want to face, and therefore, you will be looking for opportunities to correct the situation.

It may seem that death is the final stop, after which you have to wait for a new match or find a new lobby, but in the case of Warzone Mobile, things are a little better. On the one hand, players can return to the battlefield by defeating NPCs in a separate zone. But you should know how to help your teammates and revive them in Warzone Mobile if they fail.


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How To Revive Teammates in Warzone Mobile

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Before moving on to reviving teammates, it’s worth understanding the difference between the death mechanics in Warzone Mobile and other battle royales. Whereas in many similar games, death is the end, and teammate assistance is limited to reviving an ally who is dying, Warzone gives you a second chance. After the first death, you find yourself in a small Gulag lobby with obstacles where you have to defeat the NPC. If you win, you will return to the battlefield on your own, and if you lose, your teammates will receive a corresponding message that will serve as a call to action. However, regardless of the result, this is a one-time event, and the second death will immediately move you to the lobby.

If this is the first death of your ally, and they lost a duel in Gulag, you will immediately hear an in-game announcement that your ally is in trouble. All you need to do to revive your teammates in Warzone Mobile is to find one of the Buy Stations at one of the many points on the map and buy redeployment for an ally for $4,000. This method gives the chance to get an ally back at a high price, so you probably won’t want to resort to this method when playing with random allies or players whose effectiveness is not worth your money. But if you’re playing with friends, it’s $4,000 to continue the battle.

That’s all you need to know about reviving teammates in Warzone Mobile. Always think before returning your ally to the battlefield. After all, if a player’s effectiveness is far from ideal, buying a good weapon can give you a better chance of survival than a useless team member.

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March 21, 2024

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