From AI-powered robots to face-scanning smart locks, the gadgets that will power the homes of the future are here and were on display at CES 2024, the annual consumer tech show in Las Vegas. This is where tech companies show off their latest innovations in cars, TVs, laptops, smart home gear, and more. The Verge went to Vegas to take a closer look at all the new tech poised to bring our homes into the future.

After seeing hundreds of gadgets over three days, smart home reviewer Jennifer Pattison Tuohy rounded up the tech that caught her eye. In the video above, she goes through them room by room, showing how this smart home technology can make life more convenient, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Here are a few of the products she highlights in the video: 

Technology in insulation has barely changed in 50 years. But this JennAir smart fridge is equipped with the world’s thinnest refrigerator insulation panels, helping make the most important gadget in your kitchen up to 50 percent more energy-efficient. It uses a new SlimTech Insulation developed by Whirlpool Corporation that’s a game-changer for insulation and could soon come to other appliances in your home.

Artificial intelligence was a huge theme this year at CES, and Samsung’s Ballie was a crowd favorite. A home robot powered by AI, Ballie is a voice-controlled assistant with a projector built-in, like a mobile smart display. It can follow you around and respond to your commands, including showing you information on its projection screen; controlling your smart lights, locks, and robot vacuums; and making phone calls for you hands-free.

You’re probably familiar with robot vacuums that sweep and mop your floors, but Matic is an entirely new breed of robot vacuum. With more brains than brawn, it can navigate more like an autonomous car than a vacuum, go clean where you point using gesture recognition, and soon actively seek out and clean dirty areas in your home autonomously.

Watch the full video to see Jen’s picks in every room of the house. 


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