Bitlife is a popular text-based life-simulation game developed by Candywriter. The game starts with you as a baby and simulates life until death. You have full control over the choices your character makes, and they can be anyone and anything you want. The choices you make throughout your character’s life impact everything, from their relationships to careers and even their health. Depending on your choices, your character’s life could turn out great or end in poverty.

Having said that, there are several attributes of a character in Bitlife, and willpower is one of them. Since it was introduced recently, some players might not know what it means. Therefore, this guide will cover everything you need to know about willpower in Bitlife.


Bitlife: How to Improve Happiness

If you want to know how to increase your character’s happiness stat in Bitlife, here is how you can do so.

What Is Willpower in Bitlife

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As discussed before, your character can have both good and bad experiences in life. Setbacks may occur due to your actions, leading your character to adopt unhealthy habits such as drinking or gambling. And in some cases, your character may even struggle with mental health issues like depression.

During challenging situations like these, Willpower becomes a crucial factor in Bitlife. Similar to Looks and Smarts, Willpower is a scaled attribute in the game. We can define willpower as the strength a character has to choose the right actions, even when they are challenging, while the wrong actions may seem easier. The higher your character’s willpower, the more resilient they’ll be in challenging situations.

Consider this example: if your character develops an addiction, like alcoholism, their willpower stat will determine how quickly they can overcome this harmful habit. If your character has high willpower, they are likely to recover soon and lead a good life. In addition to that, high willpower in Bitlife can also increase your chances of promotion, successfully performing and escaping crimes, and can even extend your character’s life.

How to Increase Willpower in Bitlife

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To increase your character’s willpower, you should consider doing positive activities. Actions like apologizing, giving gifts to your friends and family members, and helping others can improve this stat.

It is important to point out that the willpower attribute was recently added to the game and is not available by default. Therefore, in order to access this feature, you’ll have to purchase the premium pack from the game store.

While willpower is not really a mandatory trait to have, it certainly makes the game more fun and realistic. Higher willpower significantly improves your character’s life, while characters with low willpower can struggle in bad times.


September 30, 2018

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