Windblown is an upcoming action roguelite with an emphasis on speed through agile combat and traversal. Developed by the creators of the successful indie game Dead Cells, Windblown obviously has a few similarities, including its weaponry. While studio Motion Twin has teased some of the game’s weapons on social media, little has been shown of Windblown‘s gameplay.

Game Rant recently took a look at Windblown‘s weapons and foes in action thanks to Motion Twin developer Yannick Berthier. Berthier went into detail on several of the game’s weapons, including starting weapons and upgrades. Berthier also showcased such weapons against various Sentinel enemies in Windblown, including a mini-boss and a boss called The Headbanger.

Windblown’s Mix-And-Match Weapons

Windblown‘s weapons are designed for mix-and-matching because the system lets players swap between multiple weapons to shift their builds on the go. Similar to Dead Cells, players can expect to hold up to two weapons, beginning with a starting weapon and later picking up a secondary weapon. However, stepping beyond simple hack-and-slash fighting, Windblown‘s combat makes the most of dual-wielding and pairing the attacks of both weapons. This includes the ability to combine melee weapons and projectiles, like mixing the Heavy Blade with Ninja Stars. Other weapons we saw include,

  • Fish Knife – a base weapon that players can swap out for a different starting weapon back at the Ark.
  • Kunais – powerful projectiles with a stackable explosion.
  • Homing Arrows (a Gift Reward choice) – a passive power that creates a projectile every time players hit a foe.
  • Trinket Rewards with a cooldown such as the Death Orb, a homing projectile that keeps applying damage or the Bladestorm, which creates a huge AOE.
  • Alter Attack – super powerful, special weapon attacks triggered in certain circumstances.

Additionally, Motion Twin has showcased other weapons on social media, including the Telepike, Beatbolt, Ravenvlade, Shuriken, and Massive Sword.

More Weapons for Windblown Are Likely Inbound

Berthier also explained that each biome has several different types of monsters. In the Factory biome, these are gun-like projectiles, such as foes with saw blades and mounted projectiles, so players must learn such attack patterns quickly to defeat them. We also saw a mini-boss and boss encounter, which were similar to Dead Cell‘s bosses, as might be expected. Indeed, the three-legged mini-boss and massive, crab-like Headbanger boss certainly tested Berthier’s Leaper, albeit they were still taken down quickly.

While we only saw a couple of boss encounters, players can likely expect more in varying difficulty with the game’s various biomes. According to Steam, Windblown‘s current early access version includes 5 biomes and 4 main weapons. This information also states that the team will iterate on this scope based upon feedback, plus mentions the game’s full version should include more biomes and levels in addition to new weapons with more variety. Of course, Dead Cells added several weapons and enemies over time, so there could be the potential for more by the launch of Early Access and thereafter. Either way, Windblown‘s weapons and enemies look very promising so far and could get a lot of fans excited about the game and its future.

Windblown is set to release in early access for PC in 2024.


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