• Players can now revert Shadowlands abilities with new Glyphs that can be purchased for 5000 gold each and require Honored reputation.
  • These Glyphs can be found at Covenant headquarters or in Oribos, allowing fans to change abilities in multiple specializations if needed.
  • The addition of these Glyphs, the largest batch in years, shows that WoW is still focused on character customization.

World of Warcraft just added almost two dozen new Glyphs to the game that revert the appearance of some recently-updated abilities introduced during Shadowlands. These are the first Glyphs added to World of Warcraft in close to a year, and the largest batch players have seen in much longer.

Glyphs are a consumable item World of Warcraft players can obtain that allows them to modify the appearance of certain abilities. Many of these cosmetics are crafted by the Inscription profession, while others are purchased from various corners of the game. Though popular, World of Warcraft fans have only seen a few Glyphs in Dragonflight, with two introduced in WoW Patch 10.1 last May, and a third a couple of months later.


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However, in Patch 10.2.6, World of Warcraft just added almost two dozen new Glyphs players can collect. These items can be used to allow World of Warcraft fans to make certain abilities look like their original Shadowlands Covenant counterparts. These spells and skills were changed in Patch 10.2.5 to better fit each World of Warcraft class’ fantasy, but players who wish to use their old effects can do so – albeit at a cost of 5000 gold each, and with the requirement of being Honored with the related Covenant faction.

New WoW Glyphs Revert Shadowlands Covenant Abilities

  • The 20 former Shadowlands Covenant abilities that changed appearance in WoW Patch 10.2.5 now have Glyphs that can revert them to their original versions.
  • Each Glyph costs 5000 gold and requires Honored reputation with the Covenant faction the appearance is associated with.
  • The vendors selling these glyphs can be found at each Covenant’s base, as well as in The Enclave in Oribos.

World of Warcraft players will have to buy multiple copies of certain glyphs if the associated ability appears in more than one specialization. Regardless, fans can buy each glyph at vendors found in each Covenant’s headquarters, or at the Enclave in Oribos.

Kyrian Glyphs


Necrolord Glyphs


Night Fae Glyphs


Venthyr Glyphs


Elysian Decree

Demon Hunter

Abomination Limb

Death Knight

The Hunt

Demon Hunter



Radiant Spark


Fodder to the Flame

Demon Hunter

Convoke the Spirits




Weapons of Order


Adaptive Swarm


Shifting Power


Divine Toll


Death Chakram


Faeline Stomp


Echoing Reprimand


Primordial Wave


Blessing of the Seasons


Spear of Bastion




Soul Rot


Most cosmetic Glyphs were introduced in Mists of Pandaria and Legion. Just under a dozen more were added in Battle for Azeroth, and a few more in Shadowlands and Dragonflight – including an intentional change to an existing WoW Glyph – but this new batch is the largest World of Warcraft has seen in almost eight years.

These new World of Warcraft Glyphs could be a good sign for the future of character customization. The War Within is adding Hero Talent Trees, many of which change the appearance of various abilities. However, these new additions prove World of Warcraft hasn’t forgotten about Glyphs in spite of Hero Talents, so hopefully, fans will see more of them in the future.

WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and is the ninth expansion pack for the iconic massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft.

Dragonflight features an overhauled user interface, raises the level cap to 70, and introduces a new race and class. 

November 28, 2022


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