World of Warcraft offers many customization options, especially for armor and weapons. One of the best ways to get new armor transmogs is to use Marks of Honor, a PvP currency that allows players to purchase some of the best-looking armor in the game.

There are many vendors who will take your Marks of Honor scattered throughout the game and its many expansions. If you plan on paying them a visit, this guide has all the locations of Mark of Honor vendors to make the shopping spree a bit easier.


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What are Marks of Honor in World of Warcraft?


Marks of Honor are a currency introduced in the Legion expansion that players can earn by participating in PvP matches and completing PvP-centric quests. They can then be used to purchase legacy weapons, gear, items, and heirlooms. In most cases, players will use these to buy old gear sets for their cosmetic looks, which they can then use with transmogrification.

It is impossible to use Marks of Honor to purchase current expansion gear and items, as they require Honor and Conquest, but they are still learned through PvP activities such as Battlegrounds and Arenas.

Shadowlands Mark of Honor Vendor Location


To get the Shadowlands PvP gear, players want to find Purveyor Zo’sorg and Zo’kuul in Oribos, which can be found at the coordinates (34.8, 57.6) and (35.0, 57.6) respectively.

Battle for Azeroth Mark of Honor Vendor Location


In Battle for Azeroth, players can find the Alliance Mark of Honor vendor, Marshal Gabriel, inside The Sea and Shanty in Boralus at the coordinates (56.4, 25.8).


As for the Horde’s Mark of Honor vendor, Xander Silberman is found in Zul’dazar at the coordinates (51.6, 58.2).

Legion Mark of Honor Vendor Location


Alliance players can spend their Marks of Honor with Lieutenant Surtees and Captain Roberts in Dalaran at the coordinates (29.6, 75.0) and (29.6, 74.8), respectively.


For the Horde, their vendors, Apothecary Lee and Sarah the Savage, are also located in Dalaran and can be found at the coordinates (56.8, 27.8) and (57.0, 27.8), respectively.

Warlords of Draenor Mark of Honor Vendor Location


Warlords of Draenor has many Mark of Honor vendors for players to talk to, which are separated by factions. For the Alliance, players have the following vendors, all located together in the top right corner at coordinates (54.2, 20.6).



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Horde players also have multiple vendors located together in Warspear at the coordinates (49.2, 56.8). They are as follows.

  • Stone Guard Brokefist
  • Fobbly Kickfix
  • Blood Guard Axelash
  • Malukah Lightsong
  • Class Dawnstrider
  • Tae’loxe Soulshrivel

Mists of Pandaria Mark of Honor Vendor Location


Players who want the Mists of Pandaria gear set will find their vendors at different locations on the Serpents Spine that are respective to their faction. Alliance players have the following vendors, which can be found together at the coordinates (12.0, 34.0).

  • Starlight Sinclair
  • Ethan Natice
  • Armsmaster Holinka
  • Hayden Cristophen
  • Lucan Malory


Horde players will find their vendors further up the spine at the coordinates (35.4, 83.4). The following vendors are available to spend Marks of Honor.

  • Lol’nor Bloodfist
  • Doris Chiltonius
  • Roo Desvin
  • Acon Deathwielder
  • Shonn Su

Cataclysm Mark of Honor Vendor Location


Players will travel to some of the original major cities to find these vendors. For Alliance, players will head to Stormwind and enter the Champion’s Hall, where the following vendors can be found at coordinates (74.6, 68.2).

  • Edlan Halsing
  • Lieutenant Tristia
  • Knight-Lieutenant T’Maire Sydes
  • Captain Dirgehammer


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Horde players will find themselves in Orgrimmar’s Hall of Legends, where they can find the following vendors at coordinates (37.8, 71.6).

  • Rogoc
  • Blood Guard Zar’shi
  • Sergeant Thunderhorn


Players of both factions can also visit 4 more vendors located in Gadgetzan at the coordinates (51.6, 28.0).

  • Vixton Punchwhistle
  • Blazzek the Biter
  • Tiny Tayger
  • Capps Carlin

Wrath of the Lich King Mark of Honor Vendor Location


Wraith of the Lich King has several vendors for both factions to use, and all of them can be found in the same place: The Underbelly in Old Dalaran at coordinates (59.0, 58.8).

  • Trapjaw Rix
  • Blazik Fireclaw
  • Herwin Steampop
  • Xazi Smolderpipe
  • Zom Bocom
  • Kylo Kelwin

Burning Crusade Marks of Honor Vendor Location


Like Wraith of the Lich King, all the Mark of Honor Vendors in The Burning Crusade are found in a single location: Area 52 in Netherstorm, at coordinates (33.0, 64.2).

  • Kezzik the Striker
  • Kitzie Crankshot
  • Blaze Magmaburn
  • Izzee the Clutch
  • Big Zokk Torquewrench
  • Grex Brainboiler, Tini Smalls
  • Leeni “Smiley” Smalls
  • Krixel Pinchwhistle

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