This guide covers the effects and locations of all new Phase 3 Paladin Runes in WoW: Season of Discovery, equippable on the Helm and Wrists slots.

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The launch of Phase 3 for World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery introduced a new level cap of 50, a variety of new world events like Incursions, and revamped content like the Sunken Temple 20-man Raid. As is standard for every Phase launch, every class has a set of new Runes to Discover – including a variety of new Phase 3 Paladin Runes SoD players can find.


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In SoD Phase 3 Paladins have access to seven new Runes which can be equipped on the Bracer/Wrist and Head gear. This guide covers all of the new Paladin Runes SoD P3 introduces, including details on each Rune’s effects and how to acquire them. Be sure to check our companion pieces for information on Paladin Runes in Phases One and Two, as these are not included below.

Updated April 11, 2024 by Erik Petrovich: Now that players have had time to delve into SoD Phase 3, and hunt down all seven new Paladin Runes, every Paladin Rune in SoD P3 has finally been Discovered – except for the Light’s Grace Rune location, which yet eludes players. To get all Phase 3 Paladin Runes, SoD players will have to travel to many different locations and complete a variety of tasks, but two P3 Rune quests are shared amongst all classes. By acquiring Wild Offerings through a new SoD P3 questline, and by raising your Reputation with the Emerald Wardens to Friendly, all classes can buy one new SoD P3 Rune – Paladins included – for two per class. This guide has been updated to describe how to get all Paladin Runes SoD Phase 3 has for players to equip in their Head and Bracer slots – just remember to open the Discovery box and read the specific details of each new Paladin Rune location hidden below each entry.

To preserve the sense of mystery intended for the Season of Discovery, each Phase 3 SoD Paladin Rune location is hidden by default. Open the “Click to Reveal” box to show location details.

All Phase 3 Paladin Helm Runes

WoW SoD Phase 3 Paladin Head Helm Runes Season of Discovery P3


Fanaticism Effect

  • All Holy Spells gain 18% increased Crit Chance

Improved Sanctuary

Improved Sanctuary Effect

  • Blessing of Sanctuary now prevents 100% more damage
  • Blessing of Sanctuary damage is increased by 30% of current Block stat


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Light’s Grace

Light’s Grace Effect

  • Casting Holy Light reduces the cast time of the next Holy Light by 0.5 seconds
  • Lasts 15 seconds


Wrath Effect

  • Consecration damage can now Crit
  • Exorcism, Holy Shock, Holy Wrath, and Consecration gain Crit Chance equal to your melee Crit Chance

All Phase 3 Paladin Bracer Runes

WoW SoD Phase 3 Paladin Bracer Wrist Runes Season of Discovery P3

Hammer of Righteousness

Hammer of Righteousness Effect

  • Cleaves the current target and closest 2 additional nearby enemy for 400% main weapon damage as Holy Damage


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Improved Hammer of Wrath

Improved Hammer of Wrath Effect

  • Hammer of Wrath cooldown is reset every time it deals an enemy who is below 10% of their maximum HP

Purifying Power

Purifying Power Effect

  • Exorcism and Holy Wrath cooldowns reduced by 50%
  • Holy Wrath can be cast on any target, and will Stun Undead and Demons for 2 seconds

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