The Meta Quest 2 better known as the Oculus Quest 2 before Facebook changed its company name to Meta has a wide variety of games that players can enjoy through the means of virtual reality. An important feature of VR is being able to pull the player into an immersive world through the genres available to play will make the player feel as if they are truly a part of that world.


22 VR Games To Play With Friends

VR games are getting better and better as time goes on and there are some great titles out there to play with friends.

One of the most popular genres available to players on Meta Quest 2 is the simulation genre. This genre includes a wide variety of games that attempt to bring the real world into VR. There are many successful titles that do this in the Meta Quest 2, but these are by far the best for players to try out.

Updated on April 6, 2024, by Mohsen Baqery: The surge in popularity of Meta Quest 3 has fueled a demand for increasingly immersive and engaging simulations. In response to this trend, the market has seen a proliferation of new VR simulators. With this expanding market in mind, this list was revised to incorporate a wider range of VR simulator options catering to both Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 users. These titles have been cherry-picked based on their user scores on Meta, ensuring a satisfying and dependable experience. Additionally, to cater to a larger audience, these VR games have been selected from a wide range of genres, ensuring that all gamers—regardless of their gaming tastes—will enjoy at least a few of these titles.

21 Ride Epic Roller Coasters

3/5 On Meta

A player riding on a yellow and red roller coaster in Epic Roller Coasters

  • Release Date: Mar 7, 2018
  • Developer: B4T Games

Epic Roller Coasters isn’t entirely a game in itself but more of a simulated experience put onto Meta Quest 2. In the classic mode, players are able to ride on a variety of roller coasters that will make them feel as if they are actually on the real thing.

The gaming aspect of this simulation title comes in from the shooter mode which combines the thrill of roller coasters with the player attempting to hit targets as they ride along. The final mode called Race mode allows players to take control of the rides and attempt to finish them as fast as possible against friends, something which is not possible with real rides.

20 Begin A Career As A Burglar In Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street

4/5 Stars On Meta

A player taking an item to the pawn shop in Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street

  • Release Date: Jul 7, 2022
  • Developer: 3R Games

Thief Simulator was originally a greatly adored simulation title that is commonly played on PC with it eventually branching to other platforms. Similar to this, the game that allows players to walk on the wild side and explore a life of crime eventually took to the like of VR and has become one of the best games for Meta Quest 2.

Players can explore a sandbox street with houses ripe for the picking. Leveling up allows players to access new tools, and that means they can obtain even more expensive items from the houses they break into, all from the comfort of their own homes.

19 Green Hell VR Tests Player’s Survival Skills

4/5 Stars On Meta

A player being attacked by a Jaguar in Green Hell VR

  • Release Date: April 7, 2022
  • Developer: Incuvo, Creepy Jar

Another great simulation title that has earned itself a place as one of the great Meta Quest 2 games is Green Hell VR. This action-adventure simulation title allows the player to take on the role of Jake Higgins, an incredibly skilled anthropologist who finds himself stuck in the Amazonian rainforest.


16 Best Puzzle VR Games Playable On Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 features a lot of great and unique puzzle games. Here’s a look at some of the best.

VR has improved the simulation experience for Green Hell as it has improved the impressiveness of crafting through how immersive it can be. Players must be certain that the key resources they find are put in the right places when crafting in order to make the tools they need.

18 Experience The Life Of A Chef In Cooking Simulator VR

4/5 Stars On Meta

A player chopping meat and vegetables on a chopping board in Cooking Simulator VR

Cooking Simulator
June 6, 2019

Big Cheese Studio


Cooking Simulator can be considered quite the challenge when playing on the likes of PC or console due to not having complete freedom of the player’s hands. However, this issue may be finally solved when playing Cooking Simulator on Meta Quest 2.

Do not be mistaken that this will make the game that much easier. Players are still challenged to create a variety of dishes from the 140 recipes available as fast as they can while also looking appealing in order to please their customers.

17 Take To The Clouds In Richie’s Plank Experience

4/5 Stars On Meta

A player looking down at the ground while on a plank really high up in Richie's Plank Experience

  • Release Date: September 19, 2016
  • Developer: TOAST

Invoking an incredible range of emotions into friends can be easily done by playing this simulator. It isn’t a long game with many challenges, but tests a player to their limits through how strong their fear of heights is.

Richie’s Plank Experience presents the power of perspective the Meta Quest 2 has available. This simple simulator emulates what it would feel like to walk on a plank across two humongous skyscrapers, making the player feel as if they are really high above the city streets.

16 Become The Mayor In Cities: VR

4/5 Stars On Meta

A player on the streets in Cities: VR

  • Release Date: April 28, 2022
  • Developer: Fast Travel Games

Cities: VR is a City builder simulator that allows players to have a more hands-on view of the city being constructed. With all the usual creation of a regular Cities game from making sure there are the necessities needed to create a successful city, the player can witness their city grow from a birds-eye view or take to the streets to watch the skyscrapers climb.


Best Racing VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2

Racing games feel even more exciting in virtual reality. For gamers on the Oculus Quest 2, here are some of the best racing titles.

While the graphics of the VR counterpart may not be as impressive as the likes of Cities: Skylines, Cities: VR is still an incredible game for players to get lost walking around their city for a couple of hours on their Meat Quest 2 headset.

15 Players Can Be A Part Of The Action In NFL Pro Era

4/5 Stars On Meta

NFL players running across the pitch in NFL Pro Era

  • Release Date: 15 Sep 2022
  • Developer: StatusPRO Inc

Fans of sports who wish they could experience what it is like to be part of their favorite teams will want to try NFL Pro Era. Players get to experience what it is like being a quarterback in the NFL for the first ever in VR with this officially licensed game.

This simulation according to players is incredibly realistic, especially the environments. By taking part in drills to improve their skills, they work their way up the leaderboard before finally making it to the Superbowl or simply playing catch in their favorite stadium with friends. There is plenty available in NFL Pro Era.

14 Some Things Are Not For Broadcast

4/5 Stars On Meta

Not for Broadcast - A picture of the radical group Advance.

  • Release Date: January 30, 2020
  • Developer: NotGames

Working on TV, especially the news, can be stressful, and Not For Broadcast simulates this stressful reality in a comedic way. It is up to the player to keep an eye on what is being said on TV to make sure they are ready to bleep out any swear words or change the screen to the next slide when needed.

It is up to the player to determine what is or isn’t fit to broadcast, as the player gets to decide if they broadcast some heinous act or censor anything that would be considered dangerous. Besides censors, it’s also up to the player to choose headlines and que the right ads between programs to create the best broadcast.

13 Onward Allows Players To Explore A Realistic Military Environment

4/5 Stars On Meta

Two characters in military armor standing in front of a mountain in Onward

  • Release Date: August 29, 2016
  • Developer: Downpour Interactive

Simulators don’t just focus on remaking sports in a virtual world, as other categories are simulated, such as the game Onward which immerses the player in a military environment. This game combines the themes of a military simulator with a first-person shooter, to make a tactical army game for players to lose themselves in.


Best RPG VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2

RPGs depend on immersion, and these games use VR to place you right into their world.

With a variety of game modes from player vs player to player vs the environment, alongside solo game modes, there are many ways for gamers to stay entertained while also getting to experiment with the realistic weaponry available.

12 Sit Back And Relax With Vacation Simulator

Almost 5/5 Stars On Meta

A player putting sauce on a hotdog in Vacation Simulator

  • Release Date: April 9, 2019
  • Developer: Owlchemy Labs

Players who are looking for a Vacation but are unable to afford a ticket away can still enjoy a holiday without the need to travel far with Vacation Simulator. There is a variety of vacation worlds to explore that have definitely been handpicked for a human’s enjoyment and not a robot, with plenty of fun activities in store.

Although the player is expected to relax, many of the robots that are also on vacation are in need of some help which the player will be expected to help.

11 Simulate Working Through Job Simulator

Almost 5/5 Stars On Meta

A player trying to hand a pink doughnut to a computer monitor wearing a tie in Job Simulator

  • Release Date: March 31, 2016
  • Developer: Owlchemy Labs

The Meta Quest 2 game that was made before Vacation Simulator, this hilarious simulation title is the reason so many players have then gone on to demand a holiday. Job Simulator mimics a time of the past as the world is now taken over by robots that do all the tasks required.

Players are able to relive some of these old jobs such as office workers, gourmet chefs, or even convenience store clerks as they cater to their robot customers or bosses. Learning how to job is one thing, but having fun while doing it is the most important task, so players are free to take on these jobs however they wish.

10 Lead The Fleet To Victory In Eternal Starlight

Almost 5/5 Stars On Meta

A battle in Eternal Starlight

  • Release Date: Jun 17, 2021
  • Developer: White Noise Games

Eternal Starlight is a tactical VR game that simulates space warfare. It is up to the player to plan their perfect battle strategy if they hope to see their team of ships win. Through the power of Virtual Reality with Meta Quest 2, the player can either play seated, standing, or make the battlefield the scale of their room, to explore the warfare of space around them.


19 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2

Owners of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset have a solid range of excellent sports VR games to choose from.

Besides space warfare, players will also need to plot their route through space if they hope to avoid unnecessary fights while also collecting technology that can improve their vessels for the next skirmish.

9 Golf+ Is One Of The Most Immersive Golfing Experiences

Almost 5/5 Stars On Meta

A player attempting to shoot a shot to score points in Golf+

May 28, 2020

Golf Scope Inc.

Those who are looking for an even more immersive golfing experience need to look no further than Golf+, this game simulates actual golfing while allowing a player to experience inside their very home without risking any broken windows.

Players can spruce up their skills alone to practice more or by using public games they can test their new-found skills against other players that also have a love for the sport. With fascinating features like a media player, so a golfer can listen to their tunes while playing or the addition of Callaway clubs there is always something to discover in Golf+.

8 Perfect Physics In Eleven Table Tennis

Almost 5/5 Stars On Meta

Two players competing at table tennis in Eleven Table Tennis

  • Release Date: 27 Feb 2020
  • Developer: For Fun Labs

Continuing the theme of sports simulation games another great title many players have enjoyed is being able to take part in Table Tennis. Eleven Table Tennis highlights its realistic physics which means depending on the amount of force a player uses in their hit will determine the speed at which the ball goes.

As the most immersive table tennis game on VR, many players may feel as if they are playing a real sport, even when they are taking on AI in a match. It isn’t only computer players either as a player can also take on other real-life gamers in one-on-one matches.

7 Take To The Skies In VTOL VR

5/5 Stars On Steam

A player flying inside a jet in VOTL VR while it's dark

  • Release Date: August 3, 2017
  • Developer: Boundless Dynamics LLC

It may be expensive to learn and purchase a pilot license, but VTOL VR allows players to take control of a variety of multi-role jets in its near-futuristic flight simulator. Players can put their flight skills to the test while taking on challenges as they are expected to work the insides of these jets to make them move the way they want.



The Best VR Shooter Games For The Meta Quest 2 (AKA The Oculus Quest 2)

Shooters are a genre that translates to VR easily. Here are the best in the category.

Perform delicate vertical landings or take part in epic battles in the sky with so much still in store for this simulator. Players can even create their own missions and share them with the rest of the community or try out the levels made by others. It should be noted that VTOL VR can’t be played directly from the Meta app and the player will instead need a PC to run it.

6 Take A Stroll And Play A Game Or Two With Walkabout Mini Golf

5/5 Stars On Meta

A mountain with a watchtower on the top in Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf
May 11, 2023

Mighty Coconut, LLC

Mini Golf is another great activity to try on the Meta Quest 2 and Walkabout Mini Golf is one of the best of its kind on the VR system. Alongside its adorable graphics players have eight courses to try with eighteen holes in each one to score.

These courses can be completed alone or with friends. However, there is even more in store, as players can also go on exciting treasure hunts within the courses to find special new golf balls or interesting new putters, to personalize their golfing experience.

5 Vermillion Turns Anyone Into da Vinci

4.5/5 On Meta

vermillion painting simulation.

  • Release Date: Jul 26, 2021
  • Developer: Thomas van den Berge

Imagine wearing the Meta Quest and painting like a master artist such as da Vinci. This becomes a reality with Vermillion, a VR painting experience. With Vermillion, players can unleash their creativity on a lifelike canvas without fretting over color theory, perspective, or other technical aspects of art creation.

What makes Vermillion exceptional is its support for mixed reality experiences. Fans can put their virtual canvas in their living room, play a Bob Ross video on their Meta Quest, and paint alongside the legendary artist himself.

4 ForeVR Bowl Gives Players Good Old Bowling Fun

4/5 On Meta

A selection of bowling balls

ForeVR Bowl
May 27, 2021

ForeVR Games Inc.
Sports , Strategy , casual

During the Wii Sports era, when all gamers became obsessed with bowling, no one anticipated anything quite like ForeVR Bowl: a virtual reality bowling simulator boasting precise mechanics and physics. (It’s a game-changer for sports enthusiasts.) In ForeVR Bowl, players can bowl with friends, compete against others, or focus on collecting various bowling balls, each with its own unique stats and abilities.

ForeVR Bowling earns its place on the list thanks to its polished graphics, seamless mechanics, and endlessly replayable gameplay. While it may not offer an abundance of different modes, when players dive into multiplayer matches with friends and embrace the competitive aspect, each game becomes a charmingly distinct experience.

3 The Climb 2 Is an Acrophobic Nightmare

4/5 On Meta

challenge modes update

The Climb 2
March 4, 2021


The Climb 1 on the previous-gen Meta Quest garnered significant success and critical acclaim for its promise as a true VR experience. Now, in 2024, The Climb 2 has fully realized that potential, offering a realistic mountain climbing and parkour simulator with intense gameplay.

Each mission transports gamers to a new exotic location, challenging them to scale unconventional structures and navigate impossible parkour routes. A word of caution: if players suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights), this game may exacerbate their condition with each level they conquer.

2 Real VR Fishing Is the Peaceful Experience Gamers Need

4.5/5 On Meta

Real VR Fishing

Real VR Fishing
PC , Oculus Quest 2

September 21, 2023

Devs United Games, Inc

Not every Meta Quest game needs to be an intense first-person shooter or a terrifying horror adventure. Some of the platform’s best offerings are cozy and relaxing simulators like Real VR Fishing. Imagine holding a virtual fishing rod against a photorealistic backdrop, immersed in the peaceful sounds of nature—that’s the essence of this game.

Since its launch, Real VR Fishing has received several updates, solidifying its position as the premier fishing simulator on Meta Quest. What’s more, players can now enjoy fishing with friends in a co-op mode, chatting while waiting for their baits to lure in a catch. However, the game’s lack of creative modes and variety in fishing locations is a drawback, as fishing remains the primary activity available.


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