• Some isekai light novels feature arrogant protagonists who undergo dynamic character growth through their hubristic disposition.
  • Characters like Okamura Hiiro, Houbami Reiji, and Ryoma Mikoshiba showcase the intriguing narratives of conceited protagonists.
  • The light novels explore how arrogance, disdain, and selfishness shape the protagonists’ journeys in unfamiliar worlds.

Isekai protagonists are often on the kind and gentle side, a characterization that aids them in befriending new companions and traversing their new worlds. However, some isekai light novels present an entirely opposite disposition, with the main character being a disdainful mess. Some of these protagonists are arrogant to begin with, while others let their newfound powers get to their head.


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Arrogant and conceited protagonists are often disliked for their insufferable traits, yet these very attributes can lead to dynamic character growth. For many, this hubristic disposition is the source of their survival, especially in an isekai situation that calls for independence and conviction. Plenty of isekai light novels feature arrogant protagonists, resulting in some oddly intriguing narratives as these characters come to terms with their own vanity.

5 Konjiki no Moji Tsukai: Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat

Okamura Hiiro

Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Light Novel

Release Year

Oct 9, 2014

No. Of Volumes



Sui Tomoto

Five high school students are summoned by a kingdom to fight off the demon race Evila, but the summoners reveal that only four were meant to be heroes. Turns out, Okamura Hiiro was only summoned by accident, and his role in this world is nothing more than an innocent bystander. Leaving the kingdom to go on his own adventure, Okamura eventually gains considerable power after unlocking his latent abilities.

However, Okamura is far from being a perfect protagonist, with his disposition being riddled with selfishness and disdain. With the desire to prove his worth in this new world, Okamura is keen on gaining strength through any means which can often rub people the wrong way. While the protagonist can be somewhat unlikable due to his smug attitude, the light novel itself presents an intriguing isekai with the protagonist’s accidental summoning.

4 Did You Think Another World Would Motivate A NEET?

Houbami Reiji

Did You Think Another World Would Motivate A NEET? Light Novel

Release Year

Aug 25, 2015

No. Of Volumes



Mikata Karino

Japanese Title

Isekai nara NEET ga Hataraku to Omotta?

Houbami Reiji is a NEET shut-in summoned to another world by Tifalycia Cleargreen, who asks the protagonist to aid her kingdom in a heroic war. Reiji initially refuses to help the kingdom, though it’s only natural considering his shut-in background. However, Reiji’s indolence is merely a facade as he later reveals his true colors.

Instead of helping Tifalycia and her kingdom, Reiji tricks her into becoming his servant. He reveals his true arrogance after taking charge, with no regard for the plight of his summoner or her kingdom. While the light novel itself is rather amusing with its unique isekai situation, Reiji is an insufferable protagonist, and his cunning nature makes him all the more unlikable.

3 Record of Wortenia War

Ryoma Mikoshiba

Record Of Wortenia War - Two Different Volume Covers Showing Main Characters

Release Year

Oct 21, 2016

No. Of Volumes



Ryouta Hori

Japanese Title

Wortenia Senki

Record of Wortenia War focuses on the story of Ryoma Mikoshiba, who is summoned to another world that is embroiled in conflict. However, Ryoma immediately realizes the evil plans of this empire, resulting in him slaying the very person who summoned him to this world. While he’s successful in escaping the empire and starting his own journey, Ryoma eventually treads the path of attaining power to become a supreme ruler himself.


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Ryoma’s arrogance stems from his ruthlessness and decisive nature, as he is willing to discard anyone that dares to stand in his way. Apart from his quick wittedness, Ryoma is skilled in lethal martial arts, which lends him a great deal of power in this world. With both brains and brawn, the protagonist of this isekai light novel has everything going for him, resulting in a character that is surrounded by an air of arrogance.

2 Will the Re-Summoned Hero Live as an Ordinary Person?

Souta Konoe

Will the Re-Summoned Hero Live as an Ordinary Person? Light Novel

Release Year

Sep 10, 2016

No. Of Volumes



Kaji Katana

Japanese Title

Saishoukan sareta Yuusha wa Ippanjin Toshite Ikiteiku?

Souta Konoe was once summoned to a fantasy world to defeat the Demon Lord, but before he could achieve this goal, his memory was wiped out, and he was sent back to Earth. However, Souta is re-summoned to the same world, but this time, things will play out differently. While his goal might be noble, Souta himself can come off as a bit arrogant with his bossy attitude and smug antics.

As an overpowered character, Souta wishes to lie low and hide his overwhelming powers from the masses. However, he does a terrible job at this, with most being aware of his unrivaled feats. Souta usually lets his powers get to his head, resulting in some moments of cockiness. Overall, the light novel itself follows a generic isekai storyline, albeit with an arrogant protagonist at the forefront.

1 The Deeds of an Extremely Arrogant Villainous Noble

Luke Wizaria Gilbert

The Deeds of an Extremely Arrogant Villainous Noble Light Novel

Release Year


No. Of Volumes



Yukiha Kuroyuki

Japanese Title

Kiwamete Goumantaru Akuyaku Kizoku no Shogyou

True to its namesake, The Deeds of an Extremely Arrogant Villainous Noble revolves around a transmigrated villain who becomes consumed by his own power. Reincarnated into a fantasy novel, the protagonist Luke Wizaria Gilbert’s eventual fate is to be defeated by the novel’s downplayed main character. However, Luke is determined to avoid such a humiliating fate, and he is willing to go to any lengths to achieve his goal.

As the story’s preset villain, Luke was blessed with overwhelming magic prowess, coupled with a knack for swordplay and fighting. With an already conceited persona, Luke’s arrogance is fed by the constant praise of others, which is only exacerbated after he enrolls in the Aslan Magic Academy. The entire light novel revolves around Luke’s arrogant antics, though the light novel’s title already gives that away.


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