• Even bumbling detectives in anime can get the job done with their unique personalities and humor.
  • Idiocy is embraced in versatile ways among anime detectives, adding entertainment to dark themes.
  • Some detectives like Grevil may lack skills but use power to solve cases, while others lack experience like Totomaru.

When it comes to detectives in anime, they come in all forms. There are the smart and calculating ones who are focused and organized, and there are detectives who are quite literally the opposite of that. They might not be as smart or quick-witted as detectives should be, but what they lack in intelligence, they make up for in personality, and more often than not, despite their fooling, they end up getting the job done.


10 Best Anime Detectives, Ranked

As with movies and literature, the anime genre possesses many talented sleuths. These detectives are the best of the bunch.

These characters certainly change the dynamics of the anime they appear in as they add humor to the often dark subject matter. These bumbling detectives may not fully be idiots, but they have their days when they make avoidable mistakes or fall for cheap tricks.

The word ‘idiot’ is not strictly defined, and this list embraces versatile uses of the word.

7 Kogoro Mouri

A Serious Gap, Compared To Conan

Kogoro Mouri detective conan

Case Closed: Detective Conan
Release Date
January 8, 1996

TMS Entertainment

Gosho Aoyama

Number of Episodes

Kogoro Mouri is a private detective in Detective Conan who fools around more than he investigates. It’s easy to overlook Kogori when he’s either sleeping, drinking, or acting foolish. He rarely takes cases seriously, except if they affect him or someone he loves. In addition to his laziness, he loves beautiful women and will take any chance he gets to show off and try to impress them.

Money moves Kogoro, meaning he does not settle for cheap jobs. He is quite good at being a detective because he follows protocol, but that’s mostly because of Conan. Individuals believe he is a good detective because of Conan’s presence and help. Most times, Kogoro misses important clues and draws incorrect conclusions.

6 Kenji Miyazawa

Too Trusting

Kenji Miyazawa

Bungo Stray Dogs
Release Date
April 7, 2016


Kafka Asagiri

Number of Episodes

Kenji is a 14-year-old detective and member of the Armed Detective Agency in Bungo Stray Dogs. Kenji is sweet, innocent, and trusting, but these characteristics do not necessarily align with being a detective. He extends leniency to individuals, even when their actions suggest they deserve otherwise.

No doubt Kenji has solved lots of cases, even difficult ones, but one may describe him as a happy fool. When Kenji is investigating and interrogating suspects, he asks outright and believes whatever they tell him. Kenji fails to realize these suspects will lie to get out of trouble. Other than this, Kenji is a good detective, and he looks both calm and innocent, but all of that can change when he has a friend he needs to help.

5 Ranpo Edogawa

Childlike Behaviour

Ranpo Edogawa From Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs
Release Date
April 7, 2016


Kafka Asagiri

Number of Episodes

Ranpo Edogawa is also a detective and member of the Armed Detective Agency in Bungo Stray Dogs. Ranpo has the privilege of holding the title of the greatest detective in the Bungo Stray Dogs world, but even the best people have a bit of idiocy in them. When necessary, Ranpo will put on a serious face and prove to viewers why he holds the title of the greatest.


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However, one must note the times when Ranpo just lets himself not be good and acts like a child. He enjoys teasing the other detectives in the agency, and there are times he does not take up cases because he feels lazy. Considering Ranpo’s special ability thinking, he sometimes does not use it and fails simple tasks like finding his way home.

4 Grevil De Blois

Clueless And Unable To Draw Conclusions

Grevil De Blois from Gosick

  • Series Title:Gosick
  • Japanese Title:Gosick
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
  • Studio: Bones

Since Grevil is an aristocrat, he uses his power to make the police department install him as a detective. Grevil has an interest in crime, but somewhat lacks the adequate skills and facilities to be a detective. Instead, as a man with power, he uses it to get what he wants.

Grevil knows he is a terrible detective, but he does not leave the police force; instead, he goes to meet his sister, Victorique, for help. Victorique is very observant, and she notices the slightest bit of information, a trait detectives should have. Viewers may find Grevil’s presence on the police force insulting, seeing that he almost wrongfully convicts someone of a crime.

3 Sosuke/Akechi Kogoro

Unserious About Solving Cases

Akechi Kogoro from Trickster

  • Series Title:Trickster
  • Japanese Title:Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” Yori
  • Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery
  • Studio: TMS Entertainment, Shin-Ei Animation

Before he took up the name Akechi Kogoro, he was once Sosuke, a young boy who lived in an abusive home. Akechi Kogoro is the name of the detective who saved him and took him in as his son. Soon after, Sosuke began assisting Akechi, and upon Akechi’s death, he adopted his name and established the Boy Detectives Club detective agency.

Akechi also heads the Akechi Investigation Firm, but he does not do much as a detective. He lets laziness limit him when he can do so much more, like his father did. Akechi just lets the members of his agency do whatever they like with little to no supervision.

2 Totomaru Isshiki

Lacks Experience

Totomaru Isshiki: Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions
Release Date
October 2, 2023


Akira Amano

Number of Episodes

Behind every case Totomaru solves is Ron Kamonohashi. Ron, a skilled detective, is unable to practice due to the withdrawal of his license following an incident. Now, he works through Totomaru, a very eager-to-learn detective. Totomaru might not necessarily be an idiot, but he is still quite naive for a detective.


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Totomaru takes action before thinking, and it is a dangerous trait to have as a detective, because he should be able to think first and cover all the basics before making a decision. Another thing is that he is empathic, and sometimes Totomaru gets too attached to a case, even going as far as praying for the victims.

1 Sherlock Shellingford

Quite Clumsy

Sherlock Shellingford clumsy detective

  • Series Title:Detective Opera Milky Holmes
  • Japanese Title:Tentei Opera Milky Holmes
  • Genre: Comedy, Mystery
  • Studio: J.C. Staff

Sherlock Shellingford is a detective and the leader of Milky Holmes, an all-girls detective group. For a detective, Shellingford is quite energetic. Being energetic is not necessarily a bad thing, but her excessive energy often leads her to flee from confrontations.

She is always trying to see the good side of things, ignoring the bad, and getting others to do the same. In addition, Shellingford is extremely clumsy and disorganized. This is not a good trait for a detective, but she does manage to get one thing right: being a good thinker, as she is very intuitive.


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