Shonen protagonists tend to be of a similar breed, especially those that star in action-heavy battle manga. They’ve got a lot of courage and spunk, and they’ll never give up until they’ve accomplished their goal. Of course, not all protagonists of battle manga have the same personality. Still, these traits are common enough that most protagonists will have at least one of these characteristics.

Most protagonists of shonen battle manga are fairly well-known, due to having incredibly popular anime adaptations. However, not all manga get adapted into anime. That includes plenty of more obscure battle manga that never got popular enough to justify it. Here are some great shonen protagonists from battle manga that currently have no anime adaptation.


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8 Seiichiro Kitano (Angel Densetsu)

A Kind Young Man With A Devil’s Face

Young man with black hair greeting someone

Seiichiro Kitano is a young high school boy with a kind disposition and a tendency to want to help others. This is contrasted by his appearance, which makes him seem like a horrific monster. Many assume, due to his bizarre mannerisms, that he is a violent delinquent.

While the story of Angel Densetsu starts off comically, it soon becomes more action-focused. Many of its storylines bear a strong resemblance to delinquent manga like Crows. Though the manga received a short 2-episode OVA, it has never received a fully-fledged anime adaptation.

7 Sho (Akumetsu)

An Extremist Attempting To Cleanse The World Of Evil

Detective Manga Without Anime- Akumetsu

Sho is not a single person, but in fact a series of clones that came about as the result of a bizarre experiment. After being spread out all over Japan, the Sho clones meet and decide to fight against the corruption ailing Japan. They use a high-tech mask to hide their identities and assimilate the clones’ memories with each other.

The series follows several Shos over the course of the series, with Sho Niikura and Sho Hazama being the most prominent among them. Though they certainly have a unique backstory, they share their devotion to righteousness and justice with many shonen protagonists.

6 Utsuho Azako (Itsuwaribito)

An Unrepentant Liar With The Best Of Intentions

Utsuho Itsuwaribito

When he was a child, Utsuho Azako’s honesty led to a great tragedy. Because of that, Utsuho resolved to never tell the truth again, and to always lie. Taken in by a kindly priest, Utsuho is inspired to help others the way he was helped. However, he plans to do it with lies instead of truths.


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Utsuho soon gathers a small crew of friends and allies over the course of his journey to help 1000 people. Using a variety of tricks, tools, and his usual lies, Utsuho strives to help as many people as he can.

5 Chloe (Soloist In A Cage)

A Sister Who Will Do Anything For Her Brother

Chloe Soloist in a Cage

In the Prison City, criminals roam the streets while others must cower in their homes. Chloe and Rock, two children abandoned by their parents, are desperate to leave this horrible town. When they learn that their neighbors are planning on escaping, they follow them.

In the chaos of their departure, Chloe is separated from Rock, who is unable to escape the city. Unwilling to leave her brother behind, Chloe undergoes training in order to rescue him. Though this decision puts her up against the most dangerous criminals in the city, she intends to bear it all to save the one she holds most dear.

4 Ageha Yoshina (Psyren)

An Intrepid Explorer Of A Strange Other World

Psyren - Banner Of All Main Cast Of Characters

When Ageha encounters a ringing pay phone that only echoes his own voice, he doesn’t think much of it. However, discovering a card with “Psyren” written on it piques his interest. While investigating it, he comes into contact with Sakurako Amamiya, who also has the card.

When he is chased by a couple of police officers, Ageha answers his phone in a panic. This transports Ageha to the world of Psyren, a wasteland where monsters known as Taboo wander. Entering the world grants Ageha and any who enter this world psychic powers. The battle over the mystery of Psyren ramps up as they continue to explore this brave new world.

3 Harumichi Boya (Crows)

Hot-Headed Delinquent With A Heart Of Gold

Crows Harumichi Boya

Harumichi Boya transfers to Suzuran High School, known for being full of delinquents who are called Crows due to their black uniforms. Happy-go-lucky and looking for a fight, Harumichi soon falls into the war among the delinquents for dominance over the school.


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Despite the many delinquents who scheme to use Harumichi’s strength and charisma to stake a claim over the school, Harumichi himself never cares much about the conflict. All he wants is a good fight, and those come rather easily to him.

2 Tarouza (Animal Land)

From Lost Child To Savior Of The Land

Tarouza Momonoya surrounded by animals in the promotional artwork for the Animal Land manga

In a world where animals roam and humans are nowhere to be found, a tanuki named Monoko discovers a human baby. Naming him Tarouza, Monoko does her best to raise him as a single mother. As he grows, she soon learns that he has the power to speak to all animals, while they can only communicate with their own kind.

Tarouza grows into a healthy and vibrant child, and one with a love for all animals. He soon begins to dream of peace among all species, though that is a more difficult challenge than any other.

1 Taro Sakamoto (Sakamoto Days)

A Retired Assassin Becomes A Family Man

Sakamoto Days Taro Sakamoto ready to fight with his scanner

Taro Sakamoto was a career assassin, and the best in the business. That is, until he fell in love with a normal woman named Aoi. Sakamoto retires as an assassin, gets married, and settles down as a family man.

However, it’s not so easy to leave his past behind. Sakamoto’s days as a convenience store owner are constantly interrupted by the return of both his former comrades and former enemies. To protect his everyday life, Sakamoto must continue to fight against assassins, doing his best to avoid killing them in the process.


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