• The Penacony storyline in Honkai: Star Rail unveils dark secrets and mysterious deaths in a dreamy setting.
  • Players can meet Robin, a 5-star character with powerful support abilities, ready to be unlocked in Version 2.2.
  • Players can venture into the Dreamscape with Robin and unravel the truth behind her murder in the Penacony arc.

Spoilers for Honkai: Star Rail’s Penacony story ahead

Honkai: Star Rail‘s Penacony arc continues to intrigue fans with its exciting storyline, which is paired with some colorful personalities that build more on the world’s mystery. Known as the Planet of Festivities, Honkai: Star Rail has established that Penacony is not as dreamy as many people think, and it’s up to the Trailblazer to uncover its secrets.

Penacony is led by The Family, which is made up of five lineages that were blessed by Xipe the Harmony. Under the care of this faction is Robin, an upcoming 5-star banner character in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2.


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Who is Honkai: Star Rail’s Robin?

Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Quality-Of-Life Features

Rumored Abilities

Robin is a Halovian singer born in Penacony, and the sister of Sunday, one of the leaders of The Family. She rose to fame with her angelic voice, which was further amplified by the power of The Harmony, so she could broadcast her music wherever she performed. In Honkai: Star Rail‘s main story, Robin is invited back home to Penacony to perform in the Charmony Festival. The Astral Express Crew meets her and Sunday upon arriving at the Planet of Festivities, and they also accompany the Trailblazer on their first journey to the Dreamscape.

As a playable 5-star character, Robin is a 5-star Physical unit following the Path of Harmony, which means that she’s a support character that can buff her allies’ stats. Some Honkai: Star Rail leaks on Robin’s ability kit reveal that she can allegedly increase her allies’ ATK and CRIT stats. The character truly shines when her Ultimate is triggered, because not only does she significantly increase her team’s stats and get additional ATK DMG, but she also performs a song while the ability’s in effect.



Element and Path

Physical, Path of Harmony


  • Basic Attack: Deals Physical DMG equal to 50% of Robin’s ATK to a single enemy.
  • Skill (Pinion’s Aria): Increase DMG dealt by all allies by 25%, lasting for 3 turn(s). This duration decreases by 1 at the start of Robin’s turn.
  • Ultimate (Vox Harmonique, Opus Cosmique): Robin enters the Concerto state, increasing all allies’ attack by 15.2% plus 50 of Robin’s attack. Also, causes all allies except Robin to immediately take action. After every attack by allies, Robin deals additional Physical damage equal to 72% of her attack one time. The Crit Rate for this damage is set at 100% and Crit Damage is set at 150%. When in the Concerto state, Robin is immune to Crowd Control debuffs and can’t take a turn or action before the Concerto state ends. A Concerto countdown appears on the Action Order bar. When the countdown’s turn begins, Robin exits the Concerto state and immediately takes action. The countdown has its own fixed Speed of 90.

Robin will be released in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2, along with another 5-star character, Boothill, who is a Physical-type character following the Path of The Hunt. Honkai: Star Rail has yet to announce each character’s banner phase for Version 2.2.

The Story of Robin in Honkai: Star Rail So Far

Robin’s status in Honkai: Star Rail‘s main story so far has been a mystery. Since her first appearance at the beginning of the Penacony arc, she rarely shows up to interact with the Trailblazer. At the end of Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0’s story, it’s revealed that Robin had been murdered in the Dreamscape.

Throughout the Penacony arc, it’s emphasized that people can’t die in dreams, but many instances, such as Robin’s death and interactions with NPCs, seem to indicate otherwise. Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1’s story focused on investigating Robin’s murder, as well as figuring out what’s causing the anomalies within Penacony’s Dreamscape. It’s still unknown if Robin will make a sudden comeback in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2, or if her death is really permanent. It will be interesting to see how the Penacony adventure will shape up in the next update.


Honkai: Star Rail
April 26, 2023

T for Teen


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