• Nintendo Switch has been successful since its debut, with popular games and a unique concept.
  • Some long-forgotten Nintendo franchises have not been revived on the Switch, despite fan demand.
  • Fans hope for sequels or remasters of games like EarthBound, Golden Sun, Kid Icarus, Mario Superstar Baseball, Punch-Out!!, Star Fox, StarTropics, and Wario Land on the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has had a good life since it debuted in 2017. Thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a unique concept for a console portable hybrid, the gaming public ate it up. It wouldn’t be long before the outcries of “Put it on Switch!” could be heard throughout podcasts and message boards alike.


10 Nintendo Games That Never Received A Single Sequel

These Nintendo games are in desperate need of a sequel due to their unique mechanics and fantastic stories.

Nintendo supported it well throughout the years with new IP, returning classic franchises, and ports. There never seemed to be a dull moment on the Switch. However, as vigorous as Nintendo was with their games on Switch, they could not touch every franchise. These long-forgotten series never graced the console with new games beyond retro uploads, if anything.

1 EarthBound

Where Is Mother?

Exploring the world in EarthBound

July 27, 1989

Nintendo , Creatures Inc.


The EarthBound series, or Mother as it is known in Japan, began in 1989. While the first game on NES was planned to come out in the West, the prototype was shelved until it was eventually released as EarthBound Beginnings in 2015. So, the first actual release Westerners got was EarthBound in 1995 for the SNES.

Tragically, the sequel, which came out on the Game Boy Advance in 2006, hasn’t come out in the West either. It’s hard to say whether fans would want Mother 3 officially translated or a new game but either way, Nintendo should consider revisiting the franchise.

2 Golden Sun

Will The Sun Ever Rise Again?

Promo art featuring characters in Golden Sun

Golden Sun has been lost for ages since the last game came out on DS. It all began in 2001 with the GBA and it would see a sequel soon after. Then there was a long wait until the aforementioned third and final entry launched in 2010 on DS.

The captivating things that fans loved about this series were the mix of traditional turn-based mechanics and inventive puzzle-solving through various psychic powers. The developer, Camelot, is still in business and pretty much just makes sports games starring Mario for Nintendo.

3 Kid Icarus

Time To Get Pit In The Game

Fighting enemies in Kid Icarus Of Myths and Monsters

Kid Icarus: Uprising
March 23, 2012

Third-Person Shooter

This third entry is also part of the “three-game cycle and you’re done” club. Kid Icarus began on the NES and was a light, more vertical Metroidvania. Soon after there was a Game Boy sequel and then things went dark for decades.


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Kid Icarus: Uprising launched on the 3DS in 2012, was received well despite cramped control issues, and yet that spelled the end for the hero Pit. At the very least Nintendo could remaster that game and give it proper controls if a sequel is out of the question.

4 Mario Superstar Baseball

Dust Off That Diamond

Batting as Diddy Kong in Mario Superstar Baseball

Mario Superstar Baseball
July 21, 2005

Namco , Nintendo SPD

Mario’s sports career is almost as numerous as his platforming saga. In the baseball realm, things started in 2005 with Mario Superstar Baseball on the GameCube. It would not be long until Mario Super Sluggers hit the Wii in 2008.

Now, technically there have been more baseball games after this but there hasn’t been a solo sequel, especially on Switch. For example, Mario Sports Superstars was a 2017 3DS game that included baseball along with a handful of other sports like golf and football.

5 Punch-Out!!

Little Mac Has To Get In Shape

Fighting Bald Bull in Punch-Out

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
October 18, 1987

Nintendo R&D3


Punch-Out!!, unlike most franchises on here, did have more titles than two or three. The series began in 1984 with not one, but two entries in arcades. Eventually, the series would move onto consoles with the first being in 1987 for the NES. It got a sequel on the SNES in 1994 and then a final release for the Wii in 2009.

Now, Ring Fit Adventure took the world by storm in 2019 but it wasn’t tied to any known franchise at the time. It would have made sense to make that a training game for Little Mac, the star in most entries, but maybe that’s where the series can go after this. Nintendo can revive two franchises on the Switch 2.

6 Star Fox

An Adventure Waits In Space

Flying around in Star Fox

Star Fox
February 21, 1993


Shoot ’em Up

Star Fox is the biggest franchise on here that Nintendo seemingly abandoned the last console generation. Fast-forwarding through many sequels, the final release was in 2016 for the Wii U, Star Fox Zero.


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However, one can argue that Star Fox 2 was the last game in 2017. Originally this was going to be a sequel on the SNES but it was scrapped close to completion. Nintendo revived it to be put on their mini SNES console, which then also came to the Switch’s retro catalog.

7 StarTropics

A Tropical Zelda Adventure

Fighting enemies in StarTropics

December 1, 1990

Nintendo IRD


StarTropics amazingly never left the console it debuted on. The original game was released on the NES in 1990 and a sequel would follow in 1994. It’s hard to say why this series never left the NES as they were received well at the time.

They were a cross between an RPG and a more island-centered adventure akin to The Legend of Zelda. Out of all these lost Nintendo franchises, a sequel to this announced in 2024 for the Switch 2 would blow people’s minds.

8 Wario Land

Let’s Move Past The Mini-Games

Fighting a boss in Wario Land 4

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
March 13, 1994

Nintendo R&D1

Wario, as a character, first hit the scene in 1992 as the core villain in Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. He then took over Mario’s Game Boy series in 1994 with the clumsily named Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. There would be two more games on the Game Boy followed by a solo GBA game in 2001.

The last actual entry was Wario Land: Shake It in 2008 for the Wii. Wario’s other franchise, WarioWare, has appeared on the Switch twice, making fans all the sadder knowing that Wario Land has been dead for two console generations.

Nintendo Switch with its sleek and flawless design.

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