• Jerret West leaves Xbox for Roblox, signaling potential big changes for the platform.
  • Xbox faces criticism for lack of exclusives, leading to admitted loss in console wars.
  • Roblox’s future looks promising with potential for growth and collaborations.

Xbox chief marketing officer Jerret West is leaving the company for Roblox. Prior to his time at Xbox, West worked as the vice president of marketing at Netflix. With this track record, Roblox may be getting ready for a big push in a new direction. There could be plenty of changes headed to Roblox, but there are no certainties, and it’s possible that the priority is simply expanding the player base of an already massive game.

Xbox has recently won trust after a standout Xbox Games Showcase, but the past year has been somewhat tumultuous for the brand. Many gamers have complained about a lack of sufficient exclusives for the Xbox platform, which eventually led to executives admitting on the company’s behalf that, for the time being, Xbox has lost the console wars. Many believe this was posturing to make Xbox appear sympathetic during its trial with the Federal Trade Commission. However, the Xbox did appear to be losing sales in comparison to the Switch and PS5.


Every Game Pass Game Revealed at the Xbox Showcase

Xbox’s 2024 Showcase has just wrapped up, and an impressive total of 18 games were officially confirmed to be coming to Xbox/PC Game Pass.

The Verge reports that the end of June, Xbox CMO Jerret West will be ending his time at Xbox and joining the team at Roblox Corporation. For the time being at Xbox, Chris Lee is responsible for Xbox Marketing, and the games marketing department will be absorbed by the game content and studios division that Matt Booty is in charge of. Jerret West’s role for Roblox will be similar to his last, as he will maintain the CMO title along with becoming the head of market expansion for the company. Although it is currently unclear what this immediately means for Roblox‘s future, it appears those managing the property trust in its ability to grow further. Although the game does have competition, Roblox is a hit with young gamers.

Roblox Appears to Have a Bright Future

Roblox has seen massive growth over the past few years. Many have been aware of the potential behind Roblox for some time now. The title exists as a platform to host other games, allowing it to exist in the same space as other hits like Fortnite. There appear to be limitless possibilities for what the future of Roblox might be as a game or platform, and that potential could extend to what its upcoming marketing focus might be.

There is a chance that Roblox could follow in the steps of Fortnite, which maintains its success in part from the dedicated support for game modes by Developers at Epic, including new additions such as LEGO Fortnite. Roblox appears to be entertaining the idea in some capacity, recently featuring a Roblox and Chucky crossover. Going forward, Roblox Corporation could ramp up the scale and scope of collabs and pull in an even wider audience.


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