• Choose powerful Mages in
    AFK Journey
    for magic damage and team buffs to excel in battles.
  • Parisa is a strong buffer, but lacks damage output compared to other Mages in the game.
  • Viperian’s AoE abilities make him a great choice for dealing massive damage, but watch out for his HP drain.

There are a wide variety of character types to choose from in AFK Journey, including powerful Tanks, Supports, Marksmen, and more. One of the best character classes are Mages, who can not only deal magic damage to enemies, but can also buff the team and debuff any difficult opponents as well.


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With a total of seven Mages to choose from in the game, players might be curious to know which ones are worth spending their hard-earned Diamonds on. As AFK Journey fans look to add a new Mage to their teams, these are the best ones to consider.

7 Satrana

A Weak Starter Buffer

Image of the mage character Satrana in AFK Journey

  • Base HP at Level 240: 1934K
  • Base ATK at Level 240: 123K
  • Base Phys DEF and Magic DEF at Level 240: 44,436 and 49,971

Satrana is a character that can provide useful buffs to the rest of the team at the beginning of the battle. She gives each team member Sparks, which will burn an enemy whenever they are hit 3 times. Satrana has the potential to be an incredible damage dealer, but has one glaring issue.

Satrana will definitely be the first character in a player’s team to go down. This is due to the fact that she functions as a melee character, so she will always be directly in the line of fire. She never seems to last long, despite having abilities that decrease the damage she takes. Satrana just doesn’t make it far in battle.

6 Mirael

All Talk But No Walk

Image of the mage character Mirael in AFK Journey

  • Base HP at Level 240: 1343K
  • Base ATK at Level 240: 180K
  • Base Phys DEF and Magic DEF at Level 240: 21,880 and 25,223

Although Mirael is portrayed in the storyline as a powerful witch, there isn’t much to back this up when players actually use her in battle. Sure, her base ATK stat isn’t too bad, but the skills she uses outside of her Ultimate completely ignore this. Unfortunately, players won’t often get a lot of damage out of her.

Mirael’s Ultimate is the only thing that makes her worth adding to a team. Winged Flame can deal up to 640 percent damage, and has a large radius. However, it will take her a while to charge this attack, and in the meantime, she won’t help with much else. Overall, it’s a good idea to just pass up building Mirael, as there are much stronger options in the game.

5 Arden

A Decent Mage With Potential

Image of the mage character Arden in AFK Journey

  • Base HP at Level 240: 1530K
  • Base ATK at Level 240: 174K
  • Base Phys DEF and Magic DEF at Level 240: 22,749 and 29,702

Arden has the potential to be a fantastic Mage in AFK Journey. When gamers pair him with other characters who utilize Crowd Control, his Ultimate will shine significantly. The damage from this attack will apply only to enemies under this effect. Otherwise, it won’t be of much use.


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Arden is certainly powerful, but can really only be used in specific team formations. This is why he is lower on the list, since he is very limited in his versatility. Players have to make sure they pair him with teammates that will buff his Ultimate to ensure he is providing the most damage possible.

4 Parisa

A Great Damage-Dealer And Buffer Combo

Image of the mage character Parisa in AFK Journey

  • Base HP at Level 240: 1396K
  • Base ATK at Level 240: 188K
  • Base Phys DEF and Magic DEF at Level 240: 21,492 and 30,384

Parisa is an especially useful buffer in AFK Journey, as she is able to buff herself and a nearby ally with increased ATK SPD and ATK damage. She can also restore her own Energy with some of her skills, and easily provide AoE damage to groups of enemies.

Parisa seems great on the surface, but she could definitely see an improvement to her damage. Her buffs are useful if that is what is needed in a team, but she won’t be much help in terms of dishing out damage. To those who don’t have any options besides Parisa, she can function well in a team, but there are better choices out there.

3 Cassadee

One Of The Best Debuffers

Image of the mage character Cassadee in AFK Journey

  • Base HP at Level 240: 1479K
  • Base ATK at Level 240: 176K
  • Base Phys DEF and Magic DEF at Level 240: 26,225 and 36,788

Cassadee is a fantastic Mage, providing powerful attacks while simultaneously buffing herself and team members. Outside of being able to increase her own Haste, ATK, and any team member’s ATK, she can significantly lower an enemy’s Magic Defense, making her a great character to pair with other magic users.

She can also utilize Crowd Control to bring enemies in, making it easier for melee team members to deal the final blow. The only issue with Cassadee is her low ATK SPD, and her difficulty with gaining Energy. It’s a struggle to get her to perform her Ultimate, considering she usually sits in the back row to avoid taking significant damage.

2 Viperian

An AoE Master

Image of the mage character Viperian in AFK Journey

  • Base HP at Level 240: 1560K
  • Base ATK at Level 240: 180K
  • Base Phys DEF and Magic DEF at Level 240: 19,808 and 22,615

For those in need of a Mage who deals massive damage, Viperian is a superb choice. His Ultimate can quickly take out a whole enemy team, and he can swiftly drain their HP to recover his own. Players will also notice him steal the Energy out of enemies, preventing them from having the chance to retaliate.


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With the massive amounts of damage Viperian can deal, it is a no-brainer to add him to a team and level him up with Hero Essence. However, players must be careful, as he can quickly drain his HP to the point of being an easy target for elimination. He can be finished off easily, so always remember to bring a constant source of healing for him. As long as he stays alive on the battlefield, players will witness his impressive ability to destroy enemies in record time.

1 Carolina

The Perfect All-Rounder

Image of the mage character Carolina in AFK Journey

  • Base HP at Level 240: 1482K
  • Base ATK at Level 240: 180K
  • Base Phys DEF and Magic DEF at Level 240: 22,615 and 25,824

Making it into the top spot, we have Carolina. For those who can unlock her all the way to Supreme+, she will easily deal massive damage to enemies on the field, especially in PvP mode. Her Ultimate will not only destroy nearby enemies, but will also freeze them in place, preventing them from retaliating. She can also pelt her enemies with snowballs using the Snowball Witchery Skill, which can be further enhanced after unlocking her Exclusive Weapon.

Carolina will really shine when paired with other characters that can perform Crowd Control. With this in play, she can debuff enemies’ Magic DEF and Haste, making her the perfect option to pair alongside other characters who use Magic Skills. Overall, players will find that Carolina is a fantastic all-rounder to bring to their team. She not only eliminates enemies easily, but she reduces their ability to send any attacks back to the team. It’s highly recommended that players add her to their wishlist.

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