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While there are many mysteries to be uncovered in the Derceto Manor in Alone in the Dark, it is no mystery that its halls are crawling with monsters. While both Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby start their investigation with a pistol, that isn’t enough firepower to help them safely unravel the mystery of Derceto Manor and Emily’s uncle.

Aside from the occasional pipe, shovel, or pickaxe that you come across, there are some other weapons that you can use when violence is the answer to a current dilemma. So when you come across the Shotgun, you will want to make sure you don’t leave it behind.


Alone in the Dark Review

The new Alone in the Dark is a generic survival-horror adventure that fails to break the trend of bad Alone in the Dark games.

Where to Find the Shotgun

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The Shotgun in Alone in the Dark can only be found in the Small Parlor, which is a room connected to the Library. Unfortunately, you will not have access to this room right away. The earliest you can get into the Library, and the rooms connected to it, is during the second chapter. Once you’ve gotten back from the French Quarter, you will get several keys (including one for the Library).

Once you enter the Library, you’ll be able to go into the next room which is the Small Parlor. Here in this room, you will see the shotgun on display in a glass case.

How to Get the Shotgun

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Upon further inspection, the display case does not have a lock on it. It cannot be broken into with a melee weapon either. If you don’t look too closely at the in-game menu, it is very easy to miss this weapon altogether.

In order to unlock the display case and get the shotgun, you must collect all three Lagniappes in the Lost Children set. The three Lagniappes that are in this set are as follows.

  • Rubber Stamp
  • Foutain Pen
  • Dog Collar

The Rubber Stamp can be found in the Reception Room. While looking at the door to the Clerk’s Office, look on the desk and you will spot the Rubber Stamp. The Fountain Pen is on a desk in Batiste’s Room. The Dog Collar is a little more tricky to find as it is in the Drawing Room. To get into the Drawing Room, you must acquire the Palette Knife, which is obtained once you’ve investigated the Hateful Mound.

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Once you’ve obtained all three of the Lagniappes, head back to the Small Parlor and the display case will be open. All you have to do is pick up the Shotgun and it is now yours.

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Alone in the Dark (2024)
March 20, 2024

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