• Equipment in BG3 can drastically alter gameplay mechanics, requiring specific items for optimal builds.
  • Rings in BG3 cater to different playstyles, from pure mage to melee/magic hybrids with situational advantages.
  • Combining rings like Regeneration and other equipment effects can create powerful chain reactions in combat.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, equipment plays a huge role in how players approach combat encounters. Different pieces of gear can drastically alter gameplay mechanics in unique ways, and fleshing out builds often requires finding a very specific set of items.


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BG3 offers enough variation in the available rings that there is something for everyone. For casters, there are rings that complement the pure mage playstyle, others that lean more towards a melee/magic hybrid approach, and others still that offer situational advantages that can turn the tide when used strategically.

7 Ring of Feywild Sparks

Ideal for Wild Magic Sorcerers

ring of feywild sparks in baldur's gate 3

Special Effect

Tides of Chaos will always trigger wild magic every time a spell is cast with the effect active.

How to Get

Can be looted from Auntie Ethel/Hag in Act 3.

The Ring of Feywild Sparks only works for Wild Magic Sorcerers, and if a player doesn’t have that class, the ring won’t have any effect. If a player is playing as a Wild Sorcerer in Baldur’s Gate 3, the ring will make sure that the chance of Wild Magic occurring is 100% once Tides of Chaos is used.

The Ring of Feywild Sparks is suited for players who are not married to the idea of a perfect build for optimal gameplay. Which, if they’re playing a Wild Sorcerer, is likely to be the case. This ring – and the Wild Magic Sorcerer subclass itself – is not suitable for Tactician or Honour Mode and is likely to result in frustration. But if players want to see random stuff happening on their screen because that’s what they signed for when picking Wild Magic, the ring makes that a reality.

6 Ring of Spiteful Thunder

Supplements Reverberation Builds

ring of spiteful thunder in baldur's gate 3

Special Effect

If the wearer deals thunder damage to a target afflicted with Reverberation, the target must succeed in a CON saving throw or be afflicted with Daze.

How to Get

Can be bought from Roah Moonglow in Moonrise Towers in Act 2.

The Ring of Spiteful Thunder only works if the players have a Reverberation build going, drastically limiting its usability. The way Reverberation works in Baldur’s Gate 3 is that it imposes a -1 penalty to STR, DEX, and CON saving throws per turn remaining, and if the target gets 5 turns of it, they’re knocked prone and vulnerable and take 1d4 Thunder damage.


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If a target becomes Dazed, they get a disadvantage on WIS saving throws, can’t use Reactions, and most importantly, lose the DEX modifier to their Armor Class. This means that if used correctly, the Ring of Spiteful Thunder can drastically lower the armor of a high AC enemy with a simple Thunder spell like Thunderwave. Of course, all this rests on the assumption that the caster has a way of afflicting the target with Reverberation first.

5 Snowburst Ring

Create Hazards With Cold Spells

snowburst ring in baldur's gate 3

Special Effect

Every time the wearer succeeds in dealing cold damage, the area surrounding the point of impact is turned to ice.

How to Get

Can be found by succeeding a Perception Check in the Last Light Inn in Act 2.

The Snowburst Ring offers a simple effect that can be surprisingly helpful in the right scenario. The effect of the ring triggers from any cold damage, meaning even weapons that deal cold damage like the Mourning Frost, a simple Cantrip like Ray of Frost, or even an Arrow of Ice will work to trigger the special effect.

The best way to use the Snowburst Ring is by using a low-cost spell like Ray of Frost and using it at a target who’s either low on DEX or surrounded by a large group of enemies. This way, when the Ice surface spawns, there is a high chance someone will be knocked prone, rendering them vulnerable to follow-up damage.

4 Callous Glow Ring

Synergy with The Blood of Lathander

callous glow ring in baldur's gate 3

Special Effect

If the target has the illuminated status, they take an additional +2 Radiant damage on all damage output from the wearer.

How to Get

Can be found in a chest in the Gauntlet of Shar in Act 2.

On its own, the Callous Glow Ring is a decent supplementary option for spellcasters looking to deal a little bonus damage with their attacks and spells. And since the ring triggers on all damage – spell and melee – it’s suitable for all casters as long as they can find a way to illuminate the target.


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However, where the ring really shines is when combined with the Coruscation Ring (found in the Last Light Inn), which makes it so that anytime the caster deals spell damage to a target, they take a -1 to their Attack Roll (Radiating Orb). Both rings have the same activation requirement – the target has to be illuminated. This can be easily achieved through a light-emitting weapon like Blood of Lathander, an illumination spell like Dancing Lights, or even by setting the target on fire.

3 Ring of Arcane Synergy

For Melee/Magic Hybrids

ring of arcane synergy in baldur's gate 3

Special Effect

Every time the wearer deals damage with a cantrip, they gain two turns of Arcane Synergy.

How to Get

Can be obtained by killing Gish Far’aag in Crèche Y’llek in Act 1.

Arcane Synergy makes it so that if a character has this effect, their spellcasting modifier is added to their attack roll the next time they use a weapon to deal damage. Considering this, the Ring of Arcane Synergy is best suited for hybrid melee/magic characters like Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters.

On its own, the ring’s activation requirements are especially harsh as they force a character to spend a turn casting a cantrip to get a small buff to melee damage on the next turn. However, if paired with Sorrow, a rare glaive obtained in the Druid Grove, players will gain the ability to cast Sorrowful Lash as a Bonus Action every turn. Since this counts as a cantrip, players will have 100% uptime for Arcane Synergy.

2 Ring of Regeneration

Healing Every Turn

ring of regeneration in baldur's gate 3

Special Effect

At the start of every turn, the wearer is healed for 1d4 HP.

How to Get

Can be either bought or pickpocketed from Rolan in Act 3. It can also be bought from Sorcerous Sundries automaton if Rolan is dead.

The Ring of Regeneration is like having a constantly-reactivating Healing Word being cast on the player on every single turn. This means that at the start of every turn, the character wearing the ring gets 1-4 HP back, regardless of what else is going on.


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The Ring of Regeneration is already useful on its own, but when combined with other equipment effects that trigger when the wearer is healed, it sets off a chain reaction. If, for example, someone equips the Periapt of Wound Closure amulet, The Whispering Promise ring, Hellrider’s Pride gloves, Boots of Aid and Comfort, and Wapira’s Crown, every single equipment effect on these equipment pieces triggers every turn because of the Ring of Regeneration.

1 Strange Conduit Ring

Offensive Option for Concentration Casters

strange conduit ring in baldur's gate 3

Special Effect

If the wearer is concentrating, their attack deals an additional 1d4 Psychic damage for as long as the concentration holds

How to Get

Can be found inside a chest in the Inquisitor’s Chamber in Creche Y’llek in Act 1.

The Strange Conduit Ring pairs extremely well with the Warcaster Feat, which ensures that the character has an advantage on saving throws to maintain Concentration. This makes it much more likely for the caster to be able to retain their concentration for extended periods and not be interrupted.

The 1d4 Psychic damage is nothing to scoff at, especially if supplemented by other sources. The Ranger Class is perhaps best suited to use this ring because of how Hunter’s Mark – the class’s signature concentration spell works. Every time a target affected by the mark dies, the Ranger can recast the spell while retaining concentration on another target without expending another spell slot. The spell is meant to be perpetually online, offering perfect synergy with the ring.


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