Castigated By Divinity can only be inflicted by angering the gods in Baldur’s Gate 3. It can cause serious problems if you don’t cure it immediately.

Baldur’s Gate 3 brings all the RPG elements straight from tabletop games to your console or PC. A dice roll can affect your party’s fate, so it’s important to stay on top of your buffs and debuffs. There are many curses and diseases that your characters can acquire through gameplay and exploration.

Castigated By Divinity is a unique curse that you may pick up in your travels during Act 3. This curse means you’ve angered the gods and can lead to devastating consequences further down the line if you don’t cure it immediately. Here is what the Castigated By Divinity does to your party and how you can cure it.


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How To Get The Castigated By Divinity Curse In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Stormshore Tabernacle is labeled on the map

The only place you can get Castigated By Divinity is at the Stormshore Tabernacle during Act 3 of the game. This building is located in the Lower City next to the Basilisk Gate fast travel point. This is a temple where you can donate offerings to the gods for temporary buffs. Vicar Humbletoes tends to the tabernacle offerings and sells various items.

Vicar Humbletoes acosts the player party

You can break into the tabernacle’s basement by lockpicking and entering the Ornate Wooden Hatch at coordinates (X:103,Y:-30.) The character that steals any items from the basement chests will receive the Castigated By Divinity curse. This means that the curse can be on multiple characters in your party, which can be trickier to cure at once.

Castigated by Divinity Effects

The description of the curse explains that the afflicted character will not go down when they lose all health. They will instead die immediately and a Planetar-type enemy called a Deva will spawn. These enemies can put up quite a fight if you are not prepared. The game hides this curse’s worst aspects. If you attempt to heal the cursed character, two hostile Deva enemies will spawn at once. The same will happen if you attempt to Long Rest while still cursed.

How to Cure the Castigated By Divinity Curse

the remove curse spell

Unfortunately, there is no way out of fighting Deva to resolve the curse. You can use the Remove Curse or Greater Restoration spells to cure the chosen character. This way you only have to fight one Deva to end the curse. It’s a good idea to steal the items with only one character as the curse does not stack. You can avoid the curse entirely by destroying the chests and stealing the items off the floor. Bring a bludgeoning damage weapon to easily crush them and steal from the gods.


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