• Battlefield 2042 update 7.0.1 addresses player feedback, fixing aim-down-sight issues and spawning problems to enhance the gameplay experience.
  • This small hotfix also improves the unlock criteria display for weapons and adjusts crosshair sizing for resolutions larger than 1080p.
  • Season 7’s update brings fixes for misaligned weapons and visual indicators, but the spinning glitch remains unresolved.

Electronic Arts has unveiled Battlefield 2042 update 7.0.1 in response to players’ feedback and issues encountered following the release of update 7.0.0. This minor Battlefield 2042 update is scheduled to deploy on April 2, without any associated downtime.

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter video game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Set in a near-future world ravaged by climate disasters, the game offers large-scale multiplayer battles with up to 128 players on next-generation consoles and PC. Players can engage in dynamic and chaotic warfare across diverse environments, including cities, deserts, and icy landscapes, utilizing an array of futuristic weaponry, vehicles, and gadgets. Battlefield 2042 emphasizes strategic teamwork and offers a range of game modes, including the signature Conquest and Breakthrough modes.


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Battlefield 2042 update 7.0.1 brings several key fixes and improvements. EA has released this small hotfix following the launch of Battlefield 2042 Season 7. It addresses issues that caused misaligned aim-down-sight states for weapons like the Avancys and AK-24 when using multiple weapon cosmetics with iron sights. Furthermore, the patch resolves issues related to the Laser Sight Underbarrel Attachment icon and incorrect unlock criteria display for certain weapons. It also adjusts crosshair sizing for resolutions larger than 1080p, ensuring appropriate scaling for higher resolutions.

Moreover, spawning issues that caused players to deploy into objects or geometry on Rush, Conquest, and Breakthrough have been fixed. The presence of vehicles like the MV-38 Condor and Mi-240 Super Hind within Breakthrough mode has been restored as intended. The update also addresses visual indicators, ensuring the correct display of elements like the dotted line indicator when aiming down sights with the Predator SRAW.

However, the patch notes do not mention any fixes for the Battlefield 2042 glitch that makes weapons spin around when fired. The developers expressed appreciation for the community’s patience and feedback, particularly regarding recent Weapon Recoil adjustments. While further balancing improvements are underway, most of these changes are expected to arrive in update 7.1.0, slated for release on April 2. According to EA, there will be no downtime with this update; however, players may need to restart the game in order to benefit from these changes.

While recent seasons have successfully introduced new maps to address the game’s perceived lack of content, Season 7’s announcement of two maps sparked excitement, only to disappoint some fans when it was revealed that Stadium, one of the new maps, is essentially a smaller section of a previously existing map, Hourglass. This has sparked some controversy among Battlefield 2042 players, emphasizing ongoing discussions about the game’s map variety and post-launch content approach.

Battlefield 2042 Update 7.0.1 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a series of issues that resulted in the Avancys having a misaligned aim down sight state when using multiple weapon cosmetics with iron sights.
  • Fixed some issues where the AK-24 had a misaligned Iron Sight on a range of weapon cosmetics.
  • Fixed an issue where the Laser Sight Underbarrel Attachment icon would switch off when Aiming Down Sights.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in the unlock criteria for the AK 5C and SCZ-3 being incorrectly displayed.
  • The crosshair will now be appropriately sized when using resolutions larger than 1080p. Previously, crosshairs, especially for shotguns, were too large when viewed on higher resolutions.
  • Fixed several spawning issues which resulted in the player deploying into some objects or geometry on Rush, Conquest and Breakthrough.
  • The MV-38 Condor and Mi-240 Super Hind will now be present within Breakthrough, as intended.
  • The Predator SRAW will now correctly display a dotted line indicator when Aiming Down Sights.

battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is the latest installment in the long-running Battlefield franchise. Featuring similar game modes and structures to titles of the past, the DICE-developed title features next-gen graphics and the same iconic large-scale battles that players have become accustomed to.

November 19, 2021

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