BitLife is a text-based simulation game that allows players to imitate real-life experiences. Players start their journey as an infant and age as the game advances. The character’s fate depends on the player’s decisions, and players can completely control the journey, allowing them to lead their character to a successful life or potentially a less fortunate one.

Like other mobile games, developers introduce some challenges periodically within the game to make it more interesting. These challenges come with specific requirements, and players must fulfill these criteria to complete the challenges successfully. One of them is the House Flipper Challenge, which tasks players with becoming successful real estate tycoons before the age of 60. Follow this guide to learn about the House Flipper Challenge and how to complete it.


Bitlife: How to Become a President

Bitlife players who want to become president can find everything they need to know in this detailed guide.

What is the House Flipper Challenge?

True to its name, House Flipper Challenge in BitLife requires players to purchase and sell houses to become multi-millionaires. Although this challenge isn’t very complicated, completing it can prove to be daunting for some players. Here’s how players can complete this challenge easily.

House Flipper Challenge Tasks

Start a First-Generation Life

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Players must start their game by creating a new character. They cannot begin with an already existing character, and their new character must not be related to any of their previous characters.

Purchase Your First House

To purchase their first house, players need a hefty amount of money. Since full-time jobs are not allowed in this challenge, they might need to do some part-time jobs once they turn 14 years old. Freelancing is one such job that can be acquired without any particular qualifications.

Sell 10+ Houses

Once players reach adulthood, they’ll become eligible to purchase and sell houses. Here are some tips to increase the profits.

  1. Look for homes that have high returns.
  2. For a starter, look for a cheap house that needs renovation.
  3. Renovate these houses completely and then sell them.

Keep repeating the cycle until the minimum requirement of 10 houses is fulfilled.

Make $1.5 Million From Real Estate Profit

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To complete this challenge, players need to generate profits exceeding $1.5 million. One effective strategy is to target houses with higher prices. For instance, selling ten houses each valued at $250,000 would yield a total profit of $2.5 million.

Be 60 or Younger

Lastly, players have to make sure that they meet these requirements before the age of 60. When all the requirements are fulfilled, the challenge is completed.


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