BitLife is an addictive mobile game where you have to guide virtual characters through various stages of life. Whether the scenario is mundane or extraordinary, you have to make choices for your character. From hitting the gym to selecting a career, every aspect is under your control, which makes the game very interesting. You can even marry into a royal family.

Bitlife features a variety of careers, and players can even become a mafia leader and rule the underworld. However, the journey is full of twists and turns, and the road to the top requires clever decisions and calculated risks. This detailed guide will walk you through the process of becoming a mafia boss in Bitlife.


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How to Become a Mafia Boss in Bitlife

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Becoming a mafia boss in BitLife can be pretty time-consuming. Even entering the mafia in the first place requires you to develop a certain reputation and gain the confidence of those in charge.

Of course, you cannot become a mafia boss unless you join the mafia. Engaging in certain activities can help you get into the mafia. During your early years, you should start committing small crimes, such as shoplifting, burglary, pickpocketing, and car theft.

Once your character turns 18, go to the Jobs tab and select the ‘mafia’ option. Then, pick any mafia organization of your choice. With a history of committing crimes, you won’t face any obstacles when joining the mafia.

After joining the mafia, you will start as an Associate, so you have to advance through various ranks to eventually become a mafia boss. These ranks include:

  • Associate
  • Soldier
  • Caporegime
  • Underboss
  • Godfather/Godmother.

The main way to get to the top of the mafia is by committing lucrative and attention-grabbing crimes. Crimes like extortion and bank robbery can not only help you earn money but also bring you into the good books of your superiors.

To boost your chances of becoming a Godfather or Godmother, it’s crucial not to oppose your bosses’ offers. Refraining from questioning their orders can earn you their favor and bring you closer to achieving your desired position.

By maintaining this attitude, you can progress through each rank and eventually become Godfather/Godmother. It’s important to note that the journey of becoming a mafia boss can take around 10 to 25 years. During this journey, you’ll need to bribe law enforcement if they get wind of your crimes, and it’s important to stay in good shape through regular exercise and a healthy diet.


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