Bitlife is a cool life simulation game by Candywriter in which you can create virtual people and control their lives from beginning to end. From their job and career to their relationships, you get to make all the choices for them.

The game frequently introduces challenges to keep players engaged, and the latest one is called the Sterling Spy Challenge. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to complete the Sterling Spy Challenge in Bitlife.


Bitlife: How to Complete the Guilty Grandpa Challenge

The Guilty Grandpa is the latest challenge in Bitlife, consisting of five tasks. Here’s how to complete it.

How to Complete the Bitlife Sterling Spy Challenge

sterling spy challenge bitlife

Below are the tasks that you’ll need to complete to fulfill the Sterling Spy Challenge:

  • Be born a female in New York
  • Become a CEO
  • Start a spy agency in a laundromat
  • Steal $5M+ from a single rival spy agency
  • Commission your spies to assassinate 3+ ex-lovers.

How to Be Born a Female in New York in Bitlife

The first task is pretty easy. To complete it, go to the character creation section and create a character. Next, select female for the gender, and New York as your character’s birthplace. As you age, focus on your studies and try getting a good job. This is because you’ll need to become a CEO for the next step of the challenge, which requires tons of money. Getting into a business school can also help. Furthermore, try getting involved in multiple relationships during your education.

How to Become a CEO in Bitlife

After graduating from college, look for a job in the Jobs menu with a ‘Corporate’ tag. After securing a job, work hard and increase your character’s work hours gradually. The usual career path is from Assistant Vice President to Vice President, then Executive Vice President, Managing Director, and finally CEO.

How to Start a Spy Agency in a Laundromat

To kick off your spy career in Bitlife, go to the ‘Activities’ section, click the ‘Secret Agent’ option, and then choose ‘Laundromat’ from the available options.

It’s pertinent to mention that
you’ll need to purchase the Secret Agent pack
to choose this career.

How to Steal $5M+ From a Single Rival Spy Agency

how to steal money for the sterling spy challenge bitlife

For this part of the challenge, you’ll need to hack into your rival agency’s servers and steal money. For that, head to ‘Activities’, then ‘Secret Agent’, select ‘Infiltrate’, and select an agency to target. This will trigger a minigame in which you’ll have to solve puzzles to hack servers. You don’t have to achieve this in a single attempt, so take your time and keep trying until you have enough money.

How to Commission Your Spies to Assassinate 3+ Ex-Lovers

To recruit a spy, again go to the ‘Activities’ tab and click ‘Agent Recruitment.’If you find someone with the right skills and experience, hire them and then select ex-lovers as your targets.


September 30, 2018

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