Given the low zombie’s speed and their high sensitivity to loud noises, using a car may not seem like the best idea, but this is only partly true. A car is a great way to transport supplies, quickly change your location, kill zombies on the road, or hide from them. Eventually, the pace of play accelerates over time, and fast-moving will be helpful, but the cars have a disadvantage – their gas is not endless.

Fortunately, regardless of the starting city, you can easily find a Gas Station in Project Zomboid and fuel cars. You can do this whether the lights are off or not, but like everything in the game, this process requires some knowledge.


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Project Zomboid: Gas Station Guide

Project Zomboid: Gas Station

First, you should know that you can visit Gas Stations in any city, but you must examine the map to find their location. The second thing you should know is that you can fuel your cars in Project Zomboid by visiting the Gas Station on your vehicle or using a Gas Can or Water Bottle. But first, it’s worth clarifying how this building works.

If you visited the Gas Station in the first month of the gameplay, before the light was turned off in the city, this building will function without outside help. Simply put, you can go to a gasoline pump and interact with it to fill the Gas Can, Water Bottle, or your car. But if the light has already left your city, you must use a generator. Gasoline pumps will not work on their own, and to power them with energy, you must place a generator close to the Gas Station building and activate it.


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How to Fuel Cars in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid: Gas Station

Now that you know how to make the Gas Station work, it is worth learning about how to refuel your cars in Project Zomboid. As mentioned before, there are two ways to do it:

  • Gas Can or Water Bottle. By interacting with a gasoline pump, you will fill the containers with gasoline, but keep in mind that this may not be enough. The gas tank capacity is often larger than one Water Bottle, so try to get plenty of fuel. At least take enough to get your car to the gas station.
  • The second way to fuel a car is directly into the gas tank. In this case, you must drive to a gasoline pump, press B, and select the option with the refueling nozzle icon. However, there are two essential details. First, you should park in such a way that the gas tank hole is opposite the refueling nozzle. Secondly, the gas tank hole can be on different sides of the car, depending on the model. So, if the desired button does not appear after pressing B, try parking your car on the other side of the gas station.

That is all you need to know about using Gas Station and fueling cars in Project Zomboid. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, this game has a lot of minor details without which you will not be able to survive. And we are glad that now you can easily travel around the city without worrying about fuel.


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November 8, 2013

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