Climbing Up is the fifth chapter in Botany Manor, and it tasks players with growing three different plants. More specifically, fans must grow a Springdance Shrub, a Fool’s Emerald, and an Oscilette, and each one only blooms under certain conditions. This guide is here to elaborate upon those conditions, and it will make it easy for players to complete Botany Manor Chapter 5.

The location names that are used in this guide are pulled directly from the Grounds map that appears near the beginning of the in-game Herbarium, and fans of
educational video games
should use that visual aid to find the relevant locations when necessary.


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Botany Manor: Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Grow Springdance Shrub

The first step toward growing the Springdance Shrub is collecting its seed packet, and it is sitting atop a table in the Folly (a gazebo near the entrance to the Formal Garden). Once fans of puzzle games have obtained the seed packet, they can grow the plant by taking these actions:

  1. Collect a Sandstone Pot from the shed in the Gardening Workspace, and carry it to the planting station in the Formal Garden.
  2. Fill the pot with potting soil, and select Springdance Shrub from the seed inventory.
  3. Carry the pot to the saucer on the table in the Gardening Workspace.
  4. Select the vial of Seaweed.
  5. Carry the pot back to the planting station, and interact with the green watering can.
  6. Carry the watered Springdance Shrub through the Bird Garden, and place it on the saucer in the structure at the end of that area.
  7. Pickup the bird feeder that is on the table across from the entrance to the aforementioned structure.
  8. Use this feeder, and the feeder that is hanging at the entrance to the Bird Garden, to lead the bird to the Springdance Shrub.

Greeting Card
on the
Side Terrace
confirms that

Springdance Shrubs require
to bloom, and the
Bird Poster
in the Bird Garden reveals that
(the type of bird that is found in that area) are attracted to
red flowers
. The
Pigment Research
in the
Garden Paths
confirms that a
pH of between 12 and 14
is required to create a red Springdance Shrub, and the
Soil pH Research
in that same area reveals that a pH in that range can be achieved by using a
sandstone pot and seaweed

Grow Fool’s Emerald

After the Springdance Shrub has bloomed, players should grab the Boat House key from the basket beneath the Bird Poster. Fans of indie video games should then collect the Fool’s Emerald seed packet from the small table next to the blackboard on the Side Terrace. Finally, players should pick up the Handle that is on the ground next to the lawnmower in the Pond Garden, and insert that object into the pedestal in front of the Grotto (causing it to fill with water).

With those preliminary steps taken, fans of relaxing video games should take the following actions to grow the Fool’s Emerald:

  1. Go to the planting station in the Formal Garden.
  2. Fill a pot with potting soil, select Fool’s Emerald from the seed inventory, and interact with the green watering can.
  3. Carry the watered Fool’s Emerald across the lily pads, and place it on the saucer inside the Grotto.
  4. Collect the Telegraph from its position underneath the Boat House, and place it next to the Fool’s Emerald in the Grotto.
  5. Open the Telegraph, and interact with its levers in this order: Line, Dot, Line, Dot, Line.

Plant Chemicals
documents on the
Side Terrace
reveal that Fool’s Emerald is
. The
News Article
in the
Formal Garden
reveals that a light pattern akin to the ”
abbreviation for Attention” in Morse code
will illicit a response from the plant, and the
Military Codes
document in the
Gardening Workspace
reveals that the abbreviation is
Morse Code
inside the Telegraph
is used to determine the combination of levers that will create that abbreviation.

Grow Oscilette

After collecting the Oscilette seed packet from the window next to the Boat House’s phonograph, fans of immersive sims should follow these steps to grow the plant:

  1. Go to the planting station at the base of the Boat House.
  2. Fill a pot with potting soil, and select Oscilette from the seed inventory.
  3. Carry the pot into the Boat House, and place it into the saucer next to the phonograph.
  4. Insert the cylinder with the dark green label into the phonograph, and interact with the handle on the right.

Weeds and Seeds
book in the
Boat House
reveals that Oscilettes bloom when in proximity to a
sleeping creature
. The
Playing Cards
on the table in the
Boat House
designate the Oscilette Seed as a
Field Card
, and the nearby
Boardgame Rules
match that card type with the
Red Squirrel
. The
Animal Heartbeats
book in the
Boat House
confirms that a Red Squirrel’s heartbeat when sleeping is
120 BPM
, and that BPM is listed on the cylinder with the dark green label.

Mail the Herbarium & Epilogue

Players will now be instructed to visit the Gatehouse, and they should interact with the Post Box upon arrival. This action will trigger the ending credits, and fans of cozy video games will find themselves back at Botany Manor when they conclude. Here, players can read the letter that is sitting on Arabella’s desk, pick up the Herbarium that was underneath it, and place the book on the nearby book stand to complete the game.

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Botany Manor
April 9, 2024

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