If you’re wondering how to make money fast in Content Warning, here are some tips to help you get the maximum out of your videos.

Striving to spend as much time as possible in the Old World and create the best video for SpookTube, players will be faced with the need to earn a lot more money in Content Warning. On the other hand, only the best videos and the most spectacular journeys into dangerous areas can reward you with a lot of money. Eventually, a good camera, a lot of creepy moments, and a desire to work hard can take you to a new level of income. However, if you want to earn two or even three times more than usual, you should follow a much larger set of rules.


How to Get and Use Boom Mic In Content Warning

Players wanting to increase the number of views on their videos should learn how to get and use Boom Mic in Content Warning.

How to Farm More Money in Content Warning

Content Warning monster

For those who have been playing recently, it is worth clarifying that Views = Money, and the more popularity your video shot in the Old World gains, the more money you will receive. It is influenced by many factors, from the quality and length of the video to the number of horrors captured on camera. The latter is crucial because no matter how hard we try to find something humane in the souls of SpookTube viewers, these guys are madly obsessed with death, horror, dismemberment, and other delights of the Old World. Well, you will have to provide such content.

Just like how YouTube video promotion algorithms work in our world, SpookTube also has some patterns that have a positive effect on your views. Therefore, here are the basic rules by following which you can make money fast in Content Warning:

  • When starting your trip to the Old World, shoot a 10-15-second intro showing more emotions.
  • The emotional faces of bloggers are the way to the audience’s heart, so be emotional with or without reason. The audience loves it.
  • Shoot on camera any bones, skeletons, or corpses of your friends to give your viewers the content they came to SpookTube for.
  • Shoot every monster you meet on the way. It will cause a storm of views and comments.
  • Be sure to take a video of when monsters attack your friend. Dynamic scenes are the most valuable thing you can do on camera.
  • No matter what, save the camera and upload the video to SpookTune as soon as you leave the Old World. Remember that the life of friends in Content Warning is nothing more than content, and the camera is a portal to the world of wealth.
  • Once you’ve saved up some money, buy a Camera with better battery life and image quality. This step will allow you to create more exciting content and earn even more money.


Content Warning: How to Get and Use Shock Stick

To protect yourself and your teammates in Content Warning, you’ll need to get some sort of weapon, and the Shock Stick fits the bill perfectly.

That’s all you need to know about how to make more money in Content Warning. You don’t have to follow all the rules to increase your income, so if you’ve just started your blogging career, follow at least some of the recommendations.

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Content Warning
April 1, 2024

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