Demon Slayer‘s influence can’t be stated enough. The sheer amount of love that people have for one of the hottest shonen anime of the modern era is incredible, with fans loving the amazing animation brought to the table as Ufotable adapts each and every panel of the manga with a signature visual flair that has become downright breathtaking to witness firsthand.


Demon Slayer: Things The Swordsmith Village Arc Sets Up For The Future

The conclusion of the Swordsmith Village Arc in Demon Slayer has left Muzan’s forces and the Demon Slayer Corps in very interesting situations.

The show’s formula is fairly simple, and it’s easy to keep track of the characters shown here. Almost everyone fulfills some sort of purpose and is interesting enough for viewers to care about, barring the main cast. However, some characters have been forgotten in the grand scheme of things, although this is far from a dealbreaker for anyone wanting to give this anime a shot.

6 Tanjiro’s Grandmother

A Family Member That Doesn’t Get Too Much Attention

Tanjiro's Grandmother in Demon Slayer

  • First Appearance: Cruelty (Episode 1)

Tanjiro’s family was his biggest support system for quite a while. He helped them out every step of the way, which is why it was heartbreaking to see him come back after spending a night away from them, only to see all of them murdered in a brutal manner and his surviving sister turned into a demon.

One particular member of Tanjiro’s family who is seemingly forgotten by most people is Tanjiro’s grandmother, who doesn’t even have a name to be identified with. She is notably absent from the dream that Enmu shows him too, making it easier to understand why so many fans have no clue about the existence of this figure.

5 Saburo

Lets Tanjiro Spend The Night At His Place So That He Avoids Any Demons

Saburo in Demon Slayer

  • First Appearance: Cruelty (Episode 1)

The first episode sees Tanjiro head outside to gather some supplies for his family. Seeing that it’s late, he hurries back, only to be stopped by a good Samaritan who requests him to spend the night at his place so that he’s not ambushed by demons along the way.

In a way, Saburo saved Tanjiro’s life, since he stopped him from going back home and being completely eviscerated by Muzan’s brutal attack on his family. He hasn’t been seen since, making it easy to see why so many viewers have completely forgotten about this character.

4 Murata

A Demon Slayer Who Mainly Serves As Comic Relief


  • First Appearance: Mount Natagumo (Episode 15)

Not all demon slayers are bastions of justice who can stand strong in the face of evil. Sometimes, there are swordsmen who aren’t very brave and don’t seem like they belong. It may seem odd to see these cowards as part of the Demon Slayer Corps, but everyone has their strengths despite their outward appearance.


Demon Slayer: Best Finishing Moves, Ranked

These are some of the best finishing moves in the Demon Slayer anime so far.

Murata is one such demon slayer who doesn’t seem like he’s cut out for the job. He actively runs away from demons and doesn’t really show any swordsmanship skills that are noteworthy enough to take out the weakest demons around. He serves as the butt of all jokes and is fairly forgettable in the grand scheme of things.

3 Goto

A Member Of The Kakushi, The Clean-up Brigade Of The Demon Slayer Corps

Goto in Demon Slayer

  • First Appearance: Against Corps Rules (Episode 21)

There are numerous people who help out the Demon Slayer Corps without functioning as active combatants. While some of these characters are pretty notable because of the major role they play in certain sections of the story, not everyone gets this treatment.

A great example of the same is Goto, a character who helps out from time to time without really making his presence all that prominent. Barring a few outbursts of range here and there, there isn’t really a lot this character does to make himself relevant enough for fans to remember who he is.

2 Slasher

A Demon Who Was Promptly Done Away With By Kyojuro Rengoku

Slasher in Demon Slayer

  • First Appearance: Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku (Episode 27)

Most demons who terrorize the population are promptly done away with by demon slayers who have the skills required to take out these bloodthirsty monsters without creating too much of a fuss. When Slasher is introduced at the start of the Mugen Train arc, most people assumed that he would pose a major threat.

Instead, what happened is that this demon is just used as a way to show how strong and effective the Flame Hashira is. Kyojuro makes quick work of this demon before boarding the Mugen Train, where the true conflict of the arc begins.

1 All The Lower Rank Demon Moons (Barring Rui And Enmu)

Were Disposed Of Before They Could Even Show Their Blood Demon Arts

  • First Appearance: New Mission (Episode 26)

After Rui’s demise, most people assumed that the other Lower Rank Demon Moons would be given their time to shine in the series. This is what most people assumed after seeing them called by Muzan for a meeting in the Infinity Castle.

Instead, almost all of them are done away with because of Muzan’s exasperation at their lack of strength. He kills them off one by one before they can even show their Blood Demon Art. The only one spared is Enmu, who gets a chance to show off his skills in an attempt to take out the Flame Hashira, Tanjiro, and the rest of the heroes who board the Mugen Train.

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