Luminescent Seeds are a new type of destination material in Destiny 2 that’s exclusive to the Pale Heart. Guardians may find their pockets full of these little seeds, and while they might not seem like much, they are actually very helpful when cleansing the Traveler of invaders.

While there’s a lot to go over in Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s campaign missions, things don’t end there. Players have more content to experience in the Pale Heart itself, and Luminescent Seeds can make fighting bad guys a little bit easier.


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How To Get And Use Luminescent Seeds In Destiny 2

Planting a Luminescent Seed in Destiny 2

Luminescent Seeds are consumable items that can be used in specific spots around Destiny 2’s Pale Heart zone. Players can get these by finishing three levels of the Overthrow activity in the Pale Heart and beating the boss that appears in the final wave. Open the chest that appears after defeating them to get a seed.

You can join other players doing Overthrow activities by going to the Map screen and finding the large, orange Overthrow icon near one of the three main regions of the Pale Heart.

To use a Luminescent Seed, you’ll need to approach one of the black hand clusters in the Landing, the Blooming, or the Impasse. You can easily find them by following the Ghost icons on your screen. The icons pop up whenever you’re close to one of them. After that, interact with the hand to plant the seed, and a small shrub made of Light will appear.

The luminescent plants alone won’t do anything for you. To get any real value out of them, you need to get Pale Blessings, a type of Destination Mod that only affects Guardians inside the Pale Heart. Pale Blessings can be obtained by opening chests within the Pale Heart.

To use Pale Blessings, open your Map, go to the Pale Heart, then select the Traveler’s Blessings node, which is right next to Destiny 2’s new Pathfinder objective node. All available Pale Blessings in your inventory will be highlighted on the wheel to the right — pick a blessing that you want to use and interact with the flower you planted to activate the buff you selected. You can only have one Pale Blessing active at a time, and these last only for five minutes.

Here are all the Pale Blessings in the game so far, all of which are activated by interacting with Traveler Flowers:

  • Grace: Gain a random Pale Blessing mod effect.
  • Insight: Greatly increases your Super regeneration rate.
  • Facet: Increases your class ability regeneration rate.
  • Aegis: Provides a regenerating Overshield.
  • Remedy: Boosts your health regeneration.
  • Resurgence: Improves grenade ability regeneration.
  • Valor: Increases melee regeneration.

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