• Get ready for possible Mulan and Mushu content in Disney Dreamlight Valley, hinted at by recent social media posts.
  • The latest expansion added Daisy Duck and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
  • The roadmap already teased Mulan’s debut in the game.

A new social media post from Disney Dreamlight Valley has some fans expecting to see ancestral dragon guardian Mushu from Mulan added to the game. While Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to interact with characters and worlds from several Disney animated films, there is currently no realm representing the 1998 animated film that follows the adventures of Fa Mulan.

Disney Dreamlight Valley launched its newest expansion on May 1, bringing Daisy Duck and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to the character roster. That update also added more selfie options for all players and even more content on Eternity Isle for expansion pass customers.


Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Complete Community Challenge and Unlock Rewards

Disney Dreamlight Valley players work together to complete a community objective as part of the Dreamlight Parks Fest, unlocking in-game rewards.

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Month in the United States, and the social media post in question includes an image showing off 10 cookable in-game dishes inspired by cultures from those regions of the world. One of these dishes — the one with two fried eggs and a strip of bacon forming a smiley face on top of rice porridge — is Mushu’s Congee, a five-star recipe in Dreamlight Valley requiring egg, rice, ginger, garlic, and mushroom. What’s more, the post heavily implies that one of the dishes shown in the image provides a hint about a character that will be introduced with the debut of the game’s next realm. Of all the dishes shown, Mushu’s Congeee appears to be the only one directly associated with a Disney character by name.

Mulan and Mushu May be Coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley Soon

While no official mention of a Mulan update has been announced, a Dreamlight Valley 2024 roadmap image released in November 2023 included an image of a door with five-petaled pink flowers that many fans felt represented Mulan. That image was captioned “You don’t find a realm like this in every Dynasty,” an almost word-for-word repeat of the romance advice that the emperor gives to Li Shang near the animated film’s conclusion, all but cementing Mulan’s eventual arrival and stating that update will be coming in Late Spring 2024.

Dreamlight Valley has been kept fresh with plenty of large and small-scale updates. A few weeks ago, the social media team posted a maze that led players to a hint that Alice in Wonderland content was coming, and the very next day, added an update to the premium shop that included a new attraction based on that movie. While it’s not clear how long players will have to wait to potentially see Mulan and Mushu get their own realm, summer begins on June 20, so if the developers are able to keep to the original 2024 roadmap, they’ll likely be popping up before then.


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