Dragon’s Dogma 2 always has the capacity to surprise its players with puzzling situations, exhilarating boss encounters, and strange character motivations. One of the side quests that players will take on later in Battahl, titled “A Poisonous Proposal”, has all of these elements. Although players can follow the quest objectives strictly, the execution of those steps may need some additional know-how of the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 works.

The guide below sheds light on how exactly to achieve all the quest objectives, as there are player actions that can lead to a different ending to the quest. To get the best rewards and obtain full completion of the quest, look no further.


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How To Start A Poisonous Proposal In DD2

Jarle in Dragon's Dogma 2

This side quest has no prerequisites apart from being able to access the region of Battahl. After progressing through the main story enough and getting the border clearance to enter Battahl, head to the northwest part of the capital city, Bakbattahl, by referring to the location stated as Jarle’s House. Regardless of the time of the day, Jarle will be there. In lieu of his research on the effects of poison on human biology, Jarle proposes that Arisen could pose as the perfect specimen.

Accepting the task marks the beginning of this quest titled “A Poisonous Proposal”, which is a multi-part quest that will involve three different enemy types in three different locations, not too far away from Jarle’s House in Bakbattahl.


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How To Complete DD2’s A Poisonous Proposal

Jarle's House in Dragon's Dogma 2

The objective of the quest is to get poisoned voluntarily by the enemies prompted in the quest description, before returning to Jarle while in that poisoned state so that the effects can be studied. For the first challenge, the player is prompted to get poisoned by an Asp just outside the region of Battahl to the northwest. Asps are purple lizards that will spew poison from their mouths or just coat their spears in poison before attacking the player. In any case, simply head to the location by tracking the quest marker on the map and allow the Asp to attack.

Get Poisoned By An Asp And Venin Harpy

Poisoned by Asp in Dragon's Dogma 2

The most ideal location to find these lizards is also the closest one, just near Stragglers’ Cave, under the wooden bridge, since the Arisen is required to rush back to the Jarle while in a poisoned state. Upon receiving a hit from the Asp, the Arisen will have a coating of purple color around them, and the quest objective will be updated accordingly as well to prompt the player to return to Jarle. It is best to give the “Wait” command to pawn members in the party, so they will neither kill the asps too quickly nor remove the poison debilitation from the Arisen.

Quickly make your way back to interact with Jarle while in a poisoned state. The status effect will remain for a while, although not permanently, so time is of the essence. Moreover, it’s recommended to go well ahead of your Pawns or just ask them to wait, so they do not automatically remove the poison debilitation while the player is moving back to Jarle’s House. Naturally, to offset the health loss in the poisoned state, use any healing items from the inventory that do not cure poison in the process, like Panacea.

Poisoned by Venin Harpy in Dragon's Dogma 2

After reaching Jarle, he will set the player out to be poisoned by a new enemy combatant. This time, it’s the version of the harpy local to the Battahl region, called Venin Harpy. Again, there are multiple locations marked on the map when the quest is updated, but this time all the locations are almost indentical in distance from Jarle’s House, so it’s up to the player. It is to be noted that Venin Harpies spawn during the daytime only, at least in the locations marked for the quest. Thus, make use of the inns or resting benches to progress time if needed.

Once again, order your Pawns to wait and only let the Arisen get hit by one of the poisonous attacks before making their way back to Jarle. It’s highly desirable to not get into any other combat situation on the way, as this will fare badly on the poisoned-state timer and the player is also more likely to be healed in battle by the Pawns automatically, than outside it. Keep pressing on and interact with Jarle for the second time.

The Chimera Boss Fight

Cliffside Cave Map in Dragon's Dogma 2

Jarle is visibly fascinated by the discovery each time and has one final task to complete his study. Like a mad scientist, Jarle wants to carry out the experiment on himself, but this time the toxic payload must come from a bigger monster, a Chimera. Follow Jarle to the quest marker which will lead the player to Cliffside Cave. The quest objective is for Jarle to get poisoned by Chimera while the player and his party will fend off the boss enemy.

Engage in the battle with Chimera but focus on dealing damage to the goat’s head, only to eliminate Chimera’s ability to perform magic spells. This will cause the boss to resort only to physical attacks, one of which involves a poisonous attack from its tail. Thus, the player’s positioning should be near the rear of Chimera to invite Jarle to hang around near the beast’s tail and get poisoned when attacked by it. Alternatively, the player can use the grab and carry function to place Jarle near the back of the monster. If he darts around too much, then it’s even a viable option to continue carrying Jarle near the tail of Chimera and hope the poisonous attack comes out for a guaranteed toxic effect on Jarle.

The quest will fail if the player’s party eliminates the Chimera before Jarle is poisoned or if Jarle dies by taking too much damage. In the former case, reboot the game if Chimera is at low health and Jarle has still not been poisoned. In this situation, the last auto save will be at a point right before entering the Cliffside Cave. If the Chimera is killed, then it’s already too late, as the game autosaves after the boss is killed. In case Jarle dies in battle instead, be sure to keep a Wakestone on hand to revive him and continue the quest to completion.

Jarle getting Poisoned in Dragon's Dogma 2

After Jarle gets poisoned successfully, he hurries back to his residence in Bakbattahl. At this point, it is no longer necessary to continue fighting the Chimera as the quest objective has been fulfilled. The player can follow Jarle back to his house or go there after eliminating Chimera. Jarle can die from the poison while going back to the house, so make sure you have a Wakestone in case he collapses. Return to Jarle’s House to collect the rewards from him and mark the completion of A Poisonous Proposal quest.


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A Poisonous Proposal Rewards

A Poisonous Proposal Rewards in Dragon's Dogma 2

For all the trouble faced by the Arisen in Jarle’s quest to further his research of poison effects on living specimens, the player is awarded a decent 19,000 Gold, along with 5,000 XP. Moreover, a very useful piece of equipment, the Ring of Purification, is also awarded to the player for completing the quest. This ring will completely nullify the accumulation of any blight status effect on the wearer, thereby preventing a huge chunk of the player’s health from being deducted in case a debilitation cannot be cured before successive damage is received by the player.

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