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The March 2024 Helldivers 2 update introduced a new terrifying enemy known as Shriekers. Shriekers are flying bugs that plague the skies of Terminid-controlled planets, and they rain down attacks from above. These pesky-winged buggers can kill players with a single strike, making it crucial to find and defeat them.


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Unfortunately, defeating Shriekers in Helldivers 2 is no easy feat, forcing players to be fully prepared. Taking down these icky-winged buggers without dying requires powerful weapons, a strategic approach, and patience. Here’s how you can find and kill Shriekers in Helldivers 2.

How to Find Shriekers in Helldivers 2

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You can find Shriekers in Shrieker Nests, which resemble large mushrooms clustered close to one another. These glowing mushrooms can be found on Terminid planets, but you must play on difficulty seven and above. Shriekers will spawn from these mushroom clusters, and when you get close, they will attack you from above.

The quickest way to find Shriekers in Helldivers 2 is to visit a Terminid planet with a secondary objective and head toward the edges of the map. Many players report finding Shrieker Nests in these areas.

How to Destroy Shriekers and Shrieker Nests

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To destroy Shriekers, aim for their wing joints or head with any primary weapon. If you hit weak spots, the Shrieker will go down after one or two shots. It’s crucial to be quick and accurate with your shot before they can swoop and ravage you with their deadly attacks. You can also use an Arc Thrower to clear hordes of Shriekers, saving you the time it takes to shoot each individually.

Alternatively, you can destroy Shrieker Nests to quickly finish off Shriekers in Helldivers 2. To destroy Shrieker Nests, use a Strategem like an Eagle 500KG Bomb, a Laser Canon, or an EAT-17 missile. Shrieker Nests cannot be destroyed with regular weapons because they are armored.

If you decide to destroy Shrieker Nests in Helldivers 2, we recommend staying 130 meters away when attacking them with stratagems. The nests start sending Shriekers your way when you’re within 130 meters. So, don’t get too close to avoid dealing with Shrieker attacks while trying to take out the nests.


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February 8, 2024

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