• Dragon’s Dogma 2 sets a high bar for future fantasy RPGs, raising the stakes for upcoming titles like Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and The Elder Scrolls 6.
  • The game excels in world-building, emergent gameplay, and companion mechanics, making it a must-play for RPG fans seeking an immersive experience.
  • While Dragon’s Dogma 2 has its flaws, its success may overshadow other RPG releases, challenging them to deliver similar levels of excellence and innovation.

After more than a decade of waiting, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has finally hit store shelves, and so far, it has not disappointed. While its microtransaction model has been the center of some controversy, the game itself has been a fantastic ride for fantasy RPG fans. From the world Capcom has created to the story that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is telling, players seem to be loving it. And because of that success, future fantasy RPGs may be in a bit of a tough spot.

There are countless fantasy RPGs on the horizon, with the likes of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, The Elder Scrolls 6, and Avowed coming out over the next couple of years. This makes it an exciting time to be a fan of all things fantasy, yet Dragon’s Dogma 2 may have set the bar pretty high for the future. If these studios are not careful, then these projects could quickly be overshadowed by Capcom’s latest venture. That will likely not affect the sales of these games, however, it still means that they will have a lot to prove as the release nears.


Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Passage of Time Mechanic Explained

Passage of Time is an ever-present behind-the-scenes mechanic in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that affects everything from quests to NPCs to certain items.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Feels Like the Next Evolution of Fantasy RPGs

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Seems to Be Doing Almost Everything Right

From the minute Dragon’s Dogma 2 was announced, RPG fans were extremely excited to see what Capcom would deliver. The first game had become a cult sensation due to its open-world gameplay, so players had been yearning for a return to that world for decades. Luckily, Capcom listened, and it seems to have hit all the right notes with this hotly anticipated follow-up.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 seems to take everything good about the first game and just does it better. The open world truly feels lifelike thanks to its emergent gameplay, the vocations are all a joy to play, the Pawn system creates a pretty unique companion mechanic, and practically everything about this game shines. While there are definitely some rough edges, especially with some of its combat, the game makes up for it in other areas. All of this helps to build one of the most exciting modern RPGs around, which fans will likely never want to leave.

Future Fantasy RPGs May Have a Lot to Prove

It is great to see Dragon’s Dogma 2 succeed after a decade-long wait, however, its success may also put upcoming fantasy RPGs in a tough spot. Titles like Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Fable 4, and The Elder Scrolls 6 have immense hype around them as it has been years since players have gotten to explore those worlds. That sheer level of hype could hurt the games considerably if they end up falling flat, but so could the quality of Dragon’s Dogma 2. If the core gameplay or open worlds are not on the same level, then they may not be met with the same acclaim.

Perhaps the one RPG that will be affected the most is Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming Avowed. While it is technically attached to the Pillars of Eternity IP, it is essentially a brand-new experience as it approaches the world differently. So, it will already have to show players just why it is worth the price of admission, as it does not have the Dragon Age or Elder Scrolls name going for it. On top of that, it will now have to compete with Dragon’s Dogma 2 if it sticks to its 2024 release date. And the world that Capcom has built may be impossible for Obsidian to beat.

The upcoming slate of fantasy RPGs is a strong one, with the majority of them likely to be a massive hit upon release. However, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has also shown audiences what a massive open-world RPG should feel like in 2024. So, if these games do not deliver similar experiences, then they may not be remembered as fondly as the years go by.

dragon's dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2

The long-awaited sequel to 2012’s action RPG, Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 follows the Arisen, a hero whose heart is stolen by a powerful and massive dragon. Featuring a world 4x the size of its predecessor, Dragon’s Dogma 2 emphasizes customization and player control through its character creator, vocations system, and AI-controlled Pawns. 

March 22, 2024

Action RPG

RE Engine


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