With a thrilling main storyline that is supported by a cast of surprisingly in-depth side quests, Dragon’s Dogma 2 thrusts players deeping into an immersive world of dragons, politics, and adventure as you attempt to fulfill the destiny of the Arisen. As you venture through the kingdoms of Vermund and Battahl in search of your fate, you will encounter a number of colorful characters in need of your support, with some quests having repercussions on future ones.

One such quest is “Off The Pilfered Path”, which is a follow on to multiple other quests in a significant side story in Dragon’s Dogma 2, whereby players will be tasked with getting the young man Hugo on the right path and away from the life of crime he led. For players looking to assist Hugo, here is how to complete “Off The Pilfered Path” in Dragon’s Dogma 2, along with the options you can give him to lead an honest life.


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Following an assassination attempt on the Empress in Dragon’s Dogma 2, players must help her guard find out who is responsible.

How To Complete Off The Pilfered Path In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Visit Hugo in Bakbattahl Gaol

A Dragon's Dogma 2 player talking to Brefft in the Off The Pilfered Path quest

In order to trigger the “Off The Pilfered Path” quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, players will need to visit Hugo in Bakbattahl Gaol. Before this can happen, however, players will first need to have completed “Shadowed Prayers”, “A Candle In The Storm”, and “Mercy Among Thieves”, whereby the Coral Snakes are discovered to be the perpetrators of an assassination attempt on the Empress of Battahl, and the gang’s leader Lanzo betrays Hugo to save himself.

Once these quests have been completed, head to the gaol, where you are met by one of the guards who talks briefly about Hugo. After this dialogue, head into the prison and speak with Coral Snake member Brefft, as Hugo will not yet be available. Brefft mocks Hugo and talks about how Lanzo took him in as boy after his parents were killed, unbeknownst to him that Lanzo was the killer himself. You will need to interact with him a few times to get all the information, but he importantly also mentions that the new hideout for the gang is the Ancient Battleground.

Once you have spoken to Brefft, Hugo will be available to talk to you. It is at this time that players will have the option to tell Hugo the truth about Lanzo or say nothing and allow him to continue the dialogue. If you say nothing, he will ask if you think someone like him can make an honest living – players should opt to say “I do”. The dialogue will end with Hugo saying he hasn’t the coin or contacts to bribe the guards to let him go, which leaves players with the task of figuring out how to do that themselves.

However, if you tell him the truth, it is best to travel to the Ancient Battleground to confront Lanzo before this happens. Should you tell Hugo the truth and kill Lanzo, the main part of the quest will be completed, and you will need to find Hugo a job. You can see the options available to him below and the conditions under which the options become available (in this case, working for Wilhelmina).

Bribe Ekratt The Guard

A Dragon's Dogma 2 player talking to Ekratt in the Off The Pilfered Path quest

After speaking with Hugo, players should speak with Ekratt, the guard who was posted at the door when you first arrive at Bakbattahl gaol. He will explain that he understands that the boy was misguided, but he cannot convince his superiors to let him go because he is a thief. To turn the tide in Hugo’s favor, Ekratt asks the player for some “extra motivation”.

Once the initial dialogue is finished with Ekratt, players will be prompted to pay the guard 2,500 G for the release of Hugo. Players should agree to pay the guard, as refusing will halt the progress of the quest. If you don’t have the money, however, you can return another time and pay him again.

After paying Ekratt, players will need to wait at least one day before returning to the prison to check on the progress of Hugo’s release. During this time, it is best to go to the Ancient Battleground to confront Lanzo before Hugo finds out the truth and seeks him out himself.

Confront Lanzo at Ancient Battleground

The Ancient Battleground is a landmark to the northwest of Vermund’s capital city of Vernworth, so it is a significant distance from Bakbattahl Gaol. The most efficient way to travel there is to use a Ferrystone to fast-travel to Vernworth and continue on foot. Alternatively, players could also take an oxcart from Bakbattahl to Checkpoint Rest Town and continue on foot from there.

The Ancient Battleground is the new hideout for the Coral Snakes and is likely somewhere players have been before, as it is the focus of the “Tolled To Rest” quest, as well as the home of the Ancient Battleground key and key to Vernworth Palace’s Vault. Newcomers should be wary that the battleground plays host to a dragon, but you can stay clear of the beast if you approach the location from the east.

Once at the Ancient Battleground, players will have to fight through a large number of Coral Snakes members, so it would be beneficial to bring a complete party of Pawns to support you in combat. Once you clear the first floor, take the stairs on the left and continue fighting the Coral Snakes until you encounter Lanzo. The boss isn’t significantly harder to beat than a standard human enemy, but he has numerous reinforcements to support him, so players should be wary to defeat them first before handling Lanzo. Once the boss is killed, head back to Bakbattahl Goal to check on Hugo

Pay Ekratt Another Bribe

Once back in the prison, players will want to speak to Ekratt again, who will explain that he has been able to convince his superiors to let Hugo go, and speaks of how his efforts have certainly earned him some gratitude. Players will be prompted to pay the guard another 5,000 G. Like the previous bribe, refusing to pay him will stop the progress of the mission, but paying him will continue the story.

Once Ekratt has been paid, Hugo is released by the guards and told to live an honest life, but he is uncertain of what to do with himself, as he has no job or home to go to. The final part of this mission is for players to find a place for Hugo to go and begin his honest life.

How To Find Hugo A Job in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The challenging part of the “Off The Pilfered Path” quest is that players will need to complete other missions, some under certain circumstances, before they can offer any opportunities to Hugo. The two known choices for Hugo are to work in Isaac’s shop in Bakbattahl, or to work as a guard for Wilhelmina in Vernworth.

In order for Isaac’s shop to become an option, players will need to have completed the “Short-Sighted Ambition” quest with Isaac, one of the merchants in Bakbattahl. However, for Isaac’s to be a potential suitor, players will need to see out this quest to its bad ending by giving Isaac the real copy of “On the Transference of Souls 2”, which turns the vendor’s family to ash and leaves him with no one to help him.

To make Wilhelmina a potential employer for Hugo, players will need to complete “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and romance Wilhelmina. This option will become available if you tell Hugo the truth about his parents’ death and kill Lanzo, as Hugo will meet you there and speak of getting his revenge. If Hugo is killed, there is always the option to bring him back to life if you have a Wakestone.

If there are no job options available, and you haven’t completed the “Short-Sighted Ambition” or “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” quest, Hugo will remain where he is until you find somewhere for him, so players can always return when they have completed the quest.

Once Hugo has a job, the quest will be completed. For finishing this mission, players are awarded 4,000 XP, 7,000 G, the Frosted Edges blades, and the White-Leather Kerchief headwear.

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