The tech industry is trying to automate art. Be it visual art, filmmaking, novel-writing, or music, Silicon Valley “innovators” seem convinced that consumers just can’t tell the difference between work created by a passionate, human creative, and automated content delivered via soulless algorithm. It’s a terrible view of the world but here we are. This week, an AI music platform called Udio beta launched, generating some buzz online. Like most AI music distributors, Udio’s platform is full of acoustical nonsense. Udio says that its platform allows “anyone to create extraordinary music in an instant,” which seems untrue unless by “extraordinary” they meant “extraordinarily bad.” That said, most of the “songs” on the platform are mercifully less than a minute long. The platform is currently over capacity for making new tracks but we scrolled through what other users have made with Udio and found some of the most notably deranged tracks produced by its software. Apologies in advance.


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