The long-awaited Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth digs into the lore of the franchise’s extensive world, crafting vast exposition on screen and revamping the intricate open-world design that fans have grown loyal to. Rebirth is lined with vital side quests that are essential to character storylines, and allow players to unleash phenomenal new abilities.

As they explore the game’s various regions and levels, gamers are encouraged to examine a character’s abilities. These can strengthen combat skills, optimize defensive plays, and create new offensive and defensive combos for melee attacks and one-on-one battles. There is a wide range of dynamic abilities, associated characters, and the relics and locations attached to some of the abilities. They showcase the vast levels of opportunity to shape Rebirth into a player’s personal style, all while embracing the traditional Final Fantasy aesthetic.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Best Summons

Summons are a mainstay in Final Fantasy that enable players to enlist the help of a powerful fourth teammate. Here are the best ones in FF7 Rebirth.

9 Smackdown

Batter Down With A Super Melee Attack

Mythril Mine

This shockwave of a move allows players to pummel the ground and powerfully toss foes in the air. Equippable for characters like Barret Wallace, the Smackdown ability makes for an efficient melee attack, enabling the strike of multiple enemies for max profiency.

Players can find this ability in the purple lights of the Calamitous Bazooka’s treasure chest. The Smackdown ability is a skill that works well for vast regional attacks.

8 Reverse Gale

Summon A Gusty Sorcerer’s Fantasy

Reverse Gale

Through land or air, capitalize on this wind-aspect attack to strike any enemy for surprise damage. Summoning this skill on the battlefield makes for a fascinating visual for gamers using Tifa Lockhart’s character.

Tifa is armed with the Sylph gloves that can be found in Tier 1 of the Mythril Mine or in the Northern Quarry. Once conjured, the Reverse Gale ability enables players to expose an opponent’s weakness in the mix of the attack’s chaos. Launching an enemy towards oneself during this attack aids in easier manipulation and stronger strikes in combat.

7 Stardust Ray

Pixie Dust Doesn’t Compare to The Power of These Stars

Stardust Ray

This Limit Break, which can be equipped for RedXIII, is a special ability that deals mass regional damage as the stars themselves rain down on any enemy. This ability attack is masterfully done to the delight of any hardcore Final Fantasy fan.


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These galactic dust attacks are heavy hitters on the battlefield. It’s a dazzling special ability that all players should utilize and experience at least once in the game.

6 Chilling Roar

Collars Come In Clutch For This Primal Attack

Chilling Roar

From the array of RedXIII’s impressive collection of collars used to enhance his primal instincts and physical build throughout the game, the Chilling Roar ability attached to the Silver Collar is a heavy-hitter. Players can use this ice shard attack, porcupine-style, for defensive moves. And when every counter-strike makes a hit, the vengeance gauge gets powered up and charged.

The Silver Collar acts as a defensive magic repellent due to its high quality; this improves the faculty and calculated chaos that comes with the Chilling Roar ability. Because of its veracity, this ability is a must-have in the gamer toolkit.

5 Banishment

Ancient Blades Hold the Key to A Wicked Ninja Tool


For the Banishment ability, Yuffie Kisaragi’s Crytallne Cross, located in Utilidor’s Park area, enhances a player’s access to more Level III strikes across multiple enemies. Especially useful while airborne, the Banishment ability is a gem-hewn bladed star, fitted, and ready for attack.

This ability holds valuable lore to the blades available to Yuffie’s strongest skill-sets. Banishment increases its usefulness when targeting staggered enemies too.

4 Morph

Capitalize on Foes

Morph Ability

The Morph ability is easily accessible for all characters in the Rebirth lineup. In true alchemist fashion, gamers can transform a heavily injured foe into an item. Though it may seem miniscule at first, the Morph ability is a brilliant addition to the game.


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This ability ranks higher on the list for its prowess and adrenaline boost. Players can reduce mid and low level enemies into a collectible and reclaimable item, or simply finish them off in this style. Rivals like Barnaclaw or Crawler can be turned into viable items, such as Lea Titanium or Numinous Ashes.

3 Doppelganger

Confuse The Enemy Mid-Attack, Then Finish Them

Yuffie Doppelganger attack

Another awesome ability exclusive to Yuffie, Doppelganger enables a player to summon a clone of one’s self, temporarily mimicking that character’s actions as a distraction to the enemy. It can even be activated midair during battles.

Calling upon forest elements, the Doppelganger ability echos the urban legends of enigmatic mimics and hide-behinds. Being able to trick a foe constantly adds delight to a gamer’s experience playing Yuffie. Finishing off targets with the Doppelganger to tag along for the final strike adds salt to the wound for an unfortunate opponent.

2 Disorder

Tame The Chaos

Cloud, Yuffie, Tifa

Disorder is an annihilation strike that players can use airborne while switching between any mode. The Disorder ability proves that chaos, when consistent and malleable to the will of characters such as Cloud Strife, can effectively succeed in a player’s arsenal of abilities.

Disorder works in conjunction with the Rune Blade, which carries intense ancient lore that amplifies its power. It ranks highly on the attack scale for this installment of the Final Fantasy series.

1 Elemental Ninjutsu

Dexterity and Stealth Remain The Way For The Ninja Within

Elemental Ninjutsu

The Elemental Ninjutsu ability is a fresh addition to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s engaging lineup of new abilities. Playing to the strengths of Yuffie’s innate ninja skills, gamers can set an element to enhance and use for ninjutsu attacks.

This ability is acquired and learned through hands-on battle experience. It’s recommended to remain aware of one’s opponent during each attack so that the player can either match the elemental mode of their foe, or switch to a powerful mode appropriately for a strong finish. Exploiting an enemy’s weakest moves makes for an exhilarating rush for players looking to dominate their rivals.



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