The Bicycle Kick is an exotic way to score goals in EA Sports FC 24; here’s how to do it now that it’s changed.

In FC 24, a Bicycle Kick is a special strike in which the player shoots the ball from behind in a scissor-like leg motion. The shot has been an iconic move in most EA Sports FC games (formerly called FIFA), and the latest installment in the franchise brings it back with some minor changes. One important thing to keep in mind is that a Bicycle Kick is more difficult to pull off in FC 24. In this guide, you learn how to perform a clean Bicycle Kick and how to maximize its potential in offensive plays.


EA FC 24: How to Do a Trivela Shot

Trivela shots are even more critical now that FC 24’s March 2024 patch nerfed attacking tactics; here’s how to make the most of them.

How to Do a Bicycle Kick in FC 24

 an fc 24 player doing a bycicle kick.

To perform a Bicycle Kick, hold L2 and press Circle. It is LT + B on Xbox. Two prerequisites for this special move are that the striker must be facing away from the goal, and the ball must be in the air. An Acrobatic PlayStyle player will also increase the odds.

  • PlayStation: Hold L2 and press Circle—or the respective shot button.
  • Xbox: Hold LT and press B—or the respective shot button.

Tips for Landing More Bicycle Kick Shots

Landing Bicycle Kicks has been more challenging in FC 24 compared to the preceding game. However, you can maximize the chances of doing them with these tips in mind:

  • Use players with the Acrobatic PlayStyle. Any player can attempt a Bicycle Kick. But only those with the Acrobatic PlayStyle are likely to land it perfectly.
  • Go for higher crosses. When crossing the ball, hold L1 (LB on Xbox). This will send the ball higher, making it likelier for the Acrobatic player to attempt a Bicycle Kick.
  • Don’t put too much power in the shot. Two to three bars are enough. Anything below or above this limit increases the chances of missing the shot.

Acrobatic players might perform other special moves
depending on their position
and ball direction. The only way to guarantee a Bicycle Kick is to have them face away from the penalty box before the cross.

How to Land Bicycle Kicks from a Corner

rashford doing his alternative celebration in fc 24.

If you are trying to do a Bicycle Kick from the corner, get the Acrobatic player closer to the nearest post. There is a higher chance of performing this special move in the right or left corner of the penalty box. However, note that most attempts from this position fail due to Bicycle Kicks being nerfed.

How to Do Neymar’s Rainbow Bicycle Kick

Neymar Jr. EA FC 24-1

Neymar has an exclusive move in FC 24, allowing him to link a Rainbow Flick with a Bicycle Kick. To perform this special move, face away from the goalkeeper and follow these steps:

  • Do a Rainbow Flick: Flick the right stick to back and forward. (Up or down, depending on the direction you are facing.)
  • Finish with a Bicycle Kick: When the ball is in the air, hold L2 and press Circle. On Xbox, hold LT and press the B button.

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September 29, 2023


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