For the tarnished, the maiden’s importance in Elden Ring surpasses all else. Without a maiden, tarnished individuals cannot transform runes into strength. Upon entering the Lands Between, players encounter an NPC named White Mask Varre, who forewarns them of a fate marked by obscurity due to their maidenless state. Fortunately, players can swiftly prove him wrong by accepting Melina’s request shortly after meeting Varre.

This, however, is not the only instance where Varre discusses maidens in Elden Ring. Continuing with White Mask Varre’s questline leads players to the Rose Church in the Liurnia of the Lakes, where he shares the tale of the Lord of Blood and his dynasty. Those seeking an expedited route to the Mohgwyn Palace must take part in three invasions against other players. Following this, Varre tasks you with obtaining a maiden’s blood, to be applied to the Lord of Blood’s Favor – a white cloth. Don’t worry, as Varre still assumes the player is maidenless, allowing the use of other maidens’ blood without harming Melina.


15 Awesome Side Quests Hidden In Elden Ring

Elden Ring has many secret quests that stray from the main path. Here are the best side quests hidden in the game.

Elden Ring: Maiden Blood Locations

There are three maidens whose blood can be used to progress Varre’s questline. Depending on your progress in the game, reaching one of them might be more convenient. Continue reading to learn about each maiden’s location and how to get there to collect maiden blood in Elden Ring.

Irina in Weeping Peninsula

Upon entering the Weeping Peninsula, players encounter a blind maiden named Irina, who implores them to deliver a letter to her father in Castle Morne. Unfortunately, assisting her in this quest leads to her death. If you have progressed to Irina’s death, you can use the white cloth on her deceased body and collect her blood.

You don’t necessarily have to complete Irina’s quest to achieve your goal. You can choose to attack and kill Irina to use the Lord of Blood’s Favor and advance Varre’s questline. To find Irina, head south from the Bridge of Sacrifice in the south of Liurnia. She can be found sitting next to a wall with a lantern on top.

Dead Maiden in Chapel of Anticipation

If you have a good memory, you might remember the deceased maiden in the rundown church where you start in Elden Ring. Revisiting this church, named the Chapel of Anticipation, can be done using a waygate portal at The Four Belfries. Be careful, though, as there are three portals at The Four Belfries, and you only get one Imbued Sword Key to activate them. Open the portal in front of the Second Belfrey, labeled “Precipice of Anticipation.”

Elden Ring - Four Belfries Seen from Afar

After taking the portal, you must defeat the Grafted Scion to gain access to the Chapel of Anticipation. The dead maiden’s body is located next to a chair inside the chapel. If you haven’t discovered The Four Belfries yet, it’s on a hill west of the Raya Lucaria Academy. This location also houses portals to inaccessible locations in Crumbling Farum Azula and Nokron, Eternal City.

Dead Maiden in Church of Inhibition

Elden Ring’s cover image features Vyke, a tarnished who came closest to becoming the Elden Lord but ended up inheriting the Flame of Frenzy, leading to his imprisonment in an evergaol. Vyke’s finger maiden played a crucial role, and her death is believed to be the reason for Vyke’s descent into chaos. Players can find the corpse of this maiden in the Church of Inhibition and use her blood to sully the Lord of Blood’s Favor.

Reaching the Church of Inhibition is challenging, as you must traverse the Frenzy-Flaming Tower and the Frenzied Flame Village in the northern part of East Liurnia. As you approach the church, be prepared to face Festering Fingerprint Vyke, one of the toughest NPC invaders. You can choose to fight him or head straight for the site of grace inside the Church of Inhibition.

To reach the Church of Inhibition, fast travel to the Grand Lift of Dectus grace site. From there, climb the southern hill to find the Frenzy-Flaming Tower. Dodge the maddening eye on top of the tower and continue climbing the hill to reach the Frenzied Flame Village. Once inside the village, head west to locate the Church of Inhibition. Be cautious of Festering Fingerprint Vyke on the way to the church, as Vyke’s War Spear and Frenzy incantations can quickly inflict Madness status on you.

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