Even during its early access phase, Enshrouded has already been highly praised for its impressive base building mechanic. Players have the ability to finely-craft every bit of their voxel-based homes, though the system isn’t totally perfect. Landscaping isn’t as simple building, which can be a problem for players who want roads on their bases.


Enshrouded: How to Get Workbench

Learn how to make a workbench in Enshrouded in this detailed guide.

While there are roads in between the major areas of Enshrouded, players themselves can’t pave paths on their own — at least, not in a traditional sense. If you’re itching to connect all of your houses after building a base, here’s a quick trick you can do to make your own dirt roads at home.

Enshrouded Improvised Dirt Road Trick

As of writing, the road-making options in Enshrouded early access is limited, so you’ll have to improvise if you want roads at your base. To make a simple dirt road, you’ll need to make a Workbench and flatten land using Dirt Road Blocks and a Rake.

First, unlock the crafting recipe for the basic Rake crafting a Workbench and collecting Wood Logs, String, and Stone. If you’re having issues finding the Rake recipe, you may have to join a Public Game and craft one from a Workbench there.

After crafting a Rake, you’ll need some Dirt Blocks. You can find some by digging up grassless dirt found all over the world. You can find large mounds of these in the town of Morwenna, which is directly east of the Cinder Vault. For convenience’s sake, you can place a Flame Altar near Morwenna so you can fast travel to and from the town.

A mound yielding Dirt Road blocks in Enshrouded

Once the blocks and rake have been collected, go back to your base and bring out your Construction Hammer. Enter Building Mode, then select either the Terrain or 1M terrain blocks. Place a few Dirt Road Blocks on a desired location, then start flattening the surrounding terrain using the Rake. The grassy ground should turn into basic, dirt roads once you’re done. Make sure to hold the rake button down as you move.

Spreading your Dirt Road Blocks via raking will not cost you any extra resources. However, this method is quite janky — in the event the rake stops extending your dirt road, either place another block or smack the grassy ground with a Pickaxe, then start raking again. Repeat the process until your road is complete. You can also use this same trick to extend Embervale’s main cobblestone road into your territory.

Luckily, the roads you make also give you the On The Road buff, which reduces the stamina cost of sprinting. Unfortunately, you can only place blocks and flatten terrain within the area of a Flame Altar. If you want to terraform places outside your base, you’ll have to increase your Flame Altar’s range or place a temporary altar near a desired build site.

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January 24, 2024

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