Bows make for excellent ranged weapons regardless of the type of character you’re going for in Enshrouded. Those who spec heavily into Dexterity and the ranged weapon passives in the skill tree have more to think about, however, and that includes the gear they carry along with them.


Enshrouded: How to Get Honey

Honey is an important material used to craft health potions in Enshrouded. Here’s how you can get it.

The Fell Commander Bow is a legendary-tier weapon that comes as a guaranteed drop from a specific location on Enshrouded’s map. The area in question might not be the friendliest to new characters, but it’s definitely worth visiting for anyone who’s near the Lv. 15 territory. Here’s where you can get it.

Where to Find the Fell Commander Bow

To get this legendary bow, you’ll need to take down a Fell Thunderbrute in the Revelwood region — specifically, the northern, Shroud-covered part of it. The POI you’re looking for is the Ancient Bridge, which is directly to the west of Pikemead’s Reach. If you’re aiming to get the Guard of the North set, we highly recommend going here as well.

Getting to the Ancient Bridge will take a lot of walking. The nearest fast travel point here is the Revelwood Ancient Spire — from there, jump off the ledge and glide slightly northeast. Try to land on the small mountain with the Flame Shrines so you don’t waste time inside the Shroud.

Once you reach the destination, you’ll be greeted by a group of Fell enemies in the abandoned camp by the road. Instead of fighting, run past them and the Thunderbrute, and head toward the Shroud Root in the middle of the polluted waterway. Chop it down to give yourself some breathing room and, if you’re lucky, the Thunderbrute should be in the water trying to get to you. Pick him off with ranged weapons, but make sure to land the final blow when he’s on solid ground so you don’t lose the loot.

Is the Fell Commander Bow Good?

Upgraded Fell Commander Bow in Enshrouded

The Fell Commander Bow is a Lv 15 weapon, and it always drops from this specific Thunderbrute. Furthermore, as far as we can tell, it always comes with the following traits:

  • Vicious – Increases Backstab damage by 20%.
  • Precise – Increases Critical Hit Chance by 5%.
  • +4 Shroud Magic Damage (value may vary between copies)
  • Stamina Leech – Gain 5% damage as stamina on hit.
  • Brutal – Increases Critical Hit Damage by 20%.

The bow also starts with 16 base damage. However, the majority of the damage you deal with bows depends on your Dexterity stat, the type of ammo you use, and whether or not you can hit weakspots. If you’re running a Ranger build, you should always use the best arrows you can make so your damage output doesn’t suffer.

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January 24, 2024

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