• A lucky fan found a Fallout 4 game guide at a thrift store for $3, a great deal for a nostalgic item.
  • The game guide is in great condition, and is already worth far more than they paid for it.
  • Physical game guides are becoming less common, which could see the price of this item rise further in the future.

A lucky Fallout fan online has made an awesome, cheap find at their local thrift store, picking up an item that some long-time fans of the franchise might find nostalgic. The Fallout series continues to go from strength to strength despite no mainline releases for years now.

It has been a few months since the Fallout TV series brought an immense level of popularity to the franchise, which resulted in every game receiving a player count boost. Despite the time passing, it really does feel as though the franchise has reached a new level of relevance in the mainstream, which can only mean good things for the future. There’s even a new Call of Duty Fallout crossover bundle, showing how Bethesda is quickly capitalizing on the ongoing success. It’s been cool to see Fallout‘s popularity reignited in such a way for the first time in years, and long may it continue.


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Redditor opana_banana shared their cool thrift store discovery, after finding Fallout 4‘s “Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide,” which was released at the same time as the game. The user managed to pick it up for just $3 – a total steal for the guide, which looks to be in great condition, too. Physical game guides are a rarity nowadays, especially with how readily available information is found on the internet, so picking one up in 2024 is certainly a nostalgic discovery. The Redditor did confirm that they’re not sure whether they’ll actually use the guide, but it could be a cool way to peruse some of Fallout 4‘s hidden secrets.

Fallout Fan Makes $3 Thrift Store Discovery

There was some confusion in the thread about how much the guide is actually worth today. One post indicated that some had recently been sold in mint condition in the range of $30, making the $3 pickup a real bargain. As with any collector’s item, opana_banana should try and keep it in great condition for as long as possible, as it’s never clear what will shoot up in value in the future. There are examples of unopened NES games selling for ridiculous prices online, and while this isn’t quite the same situation, it’s always possible that something similar will happen with game guides, especially as physical copies become less prominent.

With Bethesda currently occupied with The Elder Scrolls 6 and further Starfield content, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the studio to release another Fallout title. After all, it would be strange not to capitalize on the success of the TV show, especially if it continues to grow in popularity in future seasons. Todd Howard recently confirmed that Fallout 1 and 2 won’t be remastered any time soon, so a new title developed by Bethesda or another studio seems to make the most sense. However, this is pure speculation and wishful thinking, and the studio may just continue with further content releases for Fallout 76 for the time being.



Fallout is a franchise built around a series of RPGs set in a post-nuclear world, in which great vaults have been built to shelter parts of humankind. There are six main games, various spin-offs, tabletop games, and a TV series from Amazon Studios.


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