Defeating Legendary and Ultimate teams in FC 24 is challenging, but it’s not impossible; here’s how to win every match against them.

Typically, you’re not obligated to play against Legendary or Ultimate teams in EA Sports FC games. However, FC 24 encourages you to do so in Squad Battles, as defeating these CPUs yields much higher rewards. In this guide, we’ll walk you through crucial settings, tactics, and formations you need to beat Legendary or Ultimate opponents. Additionally, we’ll provide specific tips for each difficulty level to further assist you in your quest to defeat them.


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How to Win Legendary and Ultimate Matches

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To win a match against Legendary or Ultimate CPUs, you must play defensive and exploit sprint attacks. Push the opponent to the corners of the pitch and prevent them from controlling the middle. Keep CBs in the back and use CDMs to put pressure on the enemy strikers and wings.

Ensure that the Competitor Mode and Player-Based Difficulty settings are turned off. Otherwise, playing against the hardest-difficulty teams will be much more challenging.

The Best Formation

To win against Legendary and Ultimate enemies, you should use the 4-3-1-2 formation. This is a balanced lineup that allows your CDMs to participate in attacks while covering the center in defensive plays.

For a more offensive setup, go with 4-2-4. But note that this formation weakens the center, exposing you to counterattacks.

The Best Tactics

Here’s how to strategize against Legendary and Ultimate opponents:

  • Keep all defenders in the back—regardless of the position.
  • Ask your CDM to stay back and cover the center.
  • Let your Left and Right Midfielders join the attacks.
  • Keep one attacker balanced.
  • Put one attacker on “Get in Behind.”
  • Let your center striker stay forward.

Tips for Winning Legendary AI

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You can beat a Legendary opponent with these tactics in mind:

  • Push them wide. Keep the enemy in the corners. As long as they are away from the penalty arc, they are less likely to score.
  • Press with two defenders. Hold R1 (RB on Xbox) so that another defender presses the ball. Use this opportunity to block the opponent’s path or cut their passes.
  • Utilize fast wings. You will need reliable sprinters to kick off quick attacks.
  • Substitute often. Legendary players are tough. Your team will lose stamina much faster than them. Substitute your weakest stars to balance out the energy gap.

Tips for Winning Ultimate AI

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On the Ultimate difficulty, the opponent players have maxed-out stats. To beat them, you must follow these instructions:

  • Involve CDMs in the attacks. Midfielders are valuable assets when playing against Ultimate AI. Send them forward in opposition, but keep them back in defensive mode.
  • Send attackers into the box. Press the L1 (LB on Xbox) to move players into the penalty box. This way, you will have more options when passing your way toward the goal. Aim to create an Overload Attack where your strikers or CDMs outnumber the enemy’s defenders.
  • Set your formation to 4-2-3-1. This setup works only if you include midfielders and wingers in your attacks.

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September 29, 2023



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