Redragon K685 PRO Gaming Keyboard

$49 $65 Save $16

Gamers seeking a unique-looking gaming keyboard with impressive features and an even more impressive price, this might be it! The Redragon K685 PRO is available for a first-ever discount of the sort on Amazon. Get the keyboard with linear switches, sound dampening, and a gasket design for added sound isolation.

Amazon has one of the best gaming keyboard deals around live right now! The Redragon K685 PRO gaming keyboard is on sale for a great price of $49.49. This marks a 24% discount from its regular price of $64.99, which has stood its ground ever since the keyboard was released not too long ago. It also makes this the best deal ever on the keyboard, dropping the price down a fair amount, only a month or so in.

Redragon is a well-known brand in the gaming peripheral market, which produces a wide range of products designed for gamers. The company particularly focuses on creating low-cost keyboards and mice, but offers everything from headsets and speakers to mousepads and even power supplies. The K685 PRO is one of its more recent products. This keyboard is designed to provide a satisfying typing experience with sound-dampening and isolating features.

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What Makes Redragon K685 PRO Different

The Redragon K685 PRO is a gaming keyboard but it also includes customization that is highly appreciated by keyboard enthusiasts. It has a full-size layout with 104 keys, which makes it a traditional and versatile piece of equipment. The pre-lubed linear red switches offer fast, quiet, and smooth typing feedback with no noticeable bump. The keyboard’s mixed blue and white keycaps provide a distinct look.

The package comes with extra keycaps and switches for further customization and replacements when necessary. This allows an all-white theme or combination of white and blue. The keyboard is backlit with RGB lighting that supports effects. The Redragon software allows users to design their own modes and effects, or use one of the pre-programmed ones, to display their style. The K685 PRO is also equipped with a gasket design, which uses precision-locked covers with gaskets to reduce noise and increase flexibility. Vertical cushioning minimizes noise, which makes the typing experience more calm.

The keyboard also includes other noise-dampening features such as a 3.5 mm sound-absorbing pad and dampening foams, which significantly reduce sound resonance and hollow noise. Versatile connectivity is another standout feature of the Redragon K685 PRO. It supports USB-C wired, Bluetooth 5.0, and 2.4G Hz wireless, which makes it perfect for any situation from gaming setups to on-the-go bags. The Redragon K685 PRO gaming keyboard is now available on Amazon at a first-ever discounted price of $49.49.

Key Features

  • Gasket design for noise reduction and flexibility
  • Tri-mode connection with USB-C, Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz wireless
  • Noise dampening with sound-absorbing pads and foams

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